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IMF Announces Receipt Of Bail Out Request From Portugal: "First We Take Your Money Gringos..."

Two weeks ago, we when we disclosed the most recent expansion in the IMF's funding with the announcement of the activation of a "Special Funding Pool" we predicted:  "Bottom line: there is a new threat to the international monetary system which means Europe May 2010 redux is imminent. US taxpayers: our condolences." Alas, as tends to happen in these cases, we were right. The IMF, whose number one source of funding is you, dear US taxpayer, has just received a bailout request from Portugal. 

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF's chief, bluntly called for worsening conditions worldwide and a deepening global economic crisis: "We could see rising social and political instability within nations – even war," he said. As the chief of one of the "world banks", when does identifying a problem you helped create absolve you from blame and its eventual repercussions?

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You don’t need a “” site to reveal much of the BS that is going on in the world today. A lot of revelation can be made simply by having motivated, knowledgeable experts scour through publicly available records. I’m about to make said point by showing that the proclamations of the ECB, IMF, the Portuguese government and all of those other governments that claim that Portugal will not default on their loans is simple nonsense.

IMF Tells Eurozone To Buy More, More, More Bonds And That It Needs A Bigger Boat, Er, Rescue Fund; Belgium Wants A Bigger Pie Too

It appears that one way or another, the IMF will provide a lot more American money to the European rescue. Reuters reports that according to the IMF the euro zone should have a bigger rescue fund and the European Central Bank should boost its bond buying to prevent the sovereign debt crisis from derailing economic recovery. "International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn
will present the report on the economy of the 16 countries using
the euro at a meeting of euro zone finance ministers and
European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet on Monday." And presumably, and we are speculating here, if the Euro zone can not afford it, the IMF will be more than happy to step in. After all recall that on August 30, the IMF extended the duration of the Flexible Credit Line (FCL), "concurrently removing the borrowing cap on this facility, which previously stood at 1000 percent of a member’s IMF quota, in essence making the FCL a limitless credit facility, to be used to rescue whomever, at the sole discretion of the IMF's overlords." We would think that an infinite amount of money should be enough to rescue even Spain when the time comes. Which begs the question: with everyone expecting muni bonds to be the purchasing target of QE3, will Bernanke again fool everyone and instead opt for direct European bond monetization? After all, the destruction of dollar value is and always has been the Fed's primary imperative, and what better way to achieve this than to collateralize the greenback with Greek bonds?

Ireland Gets €85 Billion, As ECB-Germany Schism Becomes Acute

From RTE "The EU and the IMF will offer the Government an €85bn facility, which can be used to recapitalise the banks and fund the public finances. The EU and the IMF will offer the Government an €85bn facility, which can be used to recapitalise the banks and fund the public finances. The package would see the level of capital in the Irish banks being increased from eight to 12% in a move to bolster confidence of depositors in the financial system." This could well be too little, too late. The bank run has already started. And just to confirm that the schism between the ECB and Germany is now likely insourmountable, Nowotny said that he is 'irritated' with Merkel's remarks on the serious situation for EUR. Why, of course Ewald- nobody wants to hear the sad truth that you will be unemployed within a year.

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What is to stop U.S. banks and their customers from creating $1 trillion, $10 trillion or even $50 trillion on their computer keyboards to buy up all the bonds and stocks in the world, along with all the land and other assets for sale, in the hope of making capital gains and pocketing the arbitrage spreads by debt leveraging at less than 1% interest cost? This is the game that is being played today.

Guest Post: Is A Currency War Coming?

For different reasons, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan are trying to weaken their respective currencies. China is allowing its currency, the yuan, to strengthen, but not quickly enough for the U.S. This amounts to a two-fer for central banks in that they can accomplish two seemingly diverse tasks. It reminds me of an old spoof television commercial showing a couple fighting over whether a product was a floor wax or a dessert topping–”It’s a stimulus program. No, it’s currency manipulation. No kids, it’s both.”

IMF Eliminates Borrowing Cap On Rescue Facility In Anticipation Of Europe Crisis 2.0; US Prepares To Print Fresh Trillions In "Rescue" Linen

Back in April, when we discussed the inception of the IMF's then brand new New Arrangement to Borrow (NAB) $500 billion credit facility, we asked rhetorically, "If the IMF believes that over half a trillion in short-term funding is needed imminently, is all hell about to break loose." A month later the question was answered, as Greece lay smoldering in the ashes of insolvency, and the developed world was on the hook for almost a trillion bucks to make sure the tattered eurozone remained in one piece (leading to such grotesque abortions as Ireland, whose cost of debt is approaching 6%, funding Greek debt at 5%). Well, if that was the proverbial canary in the coalmine, today the entire flock just keeled over and died: today the IMF announced it "expanded and enhanced its
lending tools to help contain the occurrence of financial crises." As a result, the IMF has as of today extended the duration of its existing Flexible Credit Line (FCL) to two years, concurrently removing the borrowing cap on this facility, which previously stood at 1000 percent of a member’s IMF quota, in essence making the FCL a limitless credit facility, to be used to rescue whomever, at the sole discretion of the IMF's overlords. Additionally, as the FCL has some make believe acceptance criteria (and with countries such as Poland, Columbia, and Mexico having had access to it, these must certainly be sky high), the IMF is introducing a brand new credit facility, the Precautionary Credit Line (PCL), which will be geared for members with sound policies who
nevertheless may not meet the FCL’s high qualification requirements. In other words everyone. In yet other words, the IMF as of today, has a limitless facility to bail out anyone in the world, without a maximum bound in how much is lendable. One wonders who would be stupid enough to take advantage of the gullibility of IMF's biggest backers (the US), to borrow an infinite amount of money for any reason whatsoever... And just what all this means for the imminent explosion of the amount of money in circulation...Not to mention the brand new Ben Bernanke smokescreen of having a new justification to print a few trillion dollars when Europe unexpectedly collapses yet again.

Morning Gold Fix: July 19, 2010

The first Gold backed Currency was announced last week. This is the road to ruin for the Dollar as global reserve currency: Slow incremental acceptance of alternatives form seemingly meaningless areas of the world. Ranks break first where there is little to lose by change. Last in places that cannot afford it.

IMF Seeking Boost In Lending Cap By $250 Billion To $1 Trillion

In the latest sign yet that things in the world are roughly 25% worse than expected (give or take), the FT reports that the IMF will seek an imminent rise in its lending cap from $750 billion to $1 trillion to build safety nets that could prevent financial crises. “Even when not in a time of crisis, a big fund, likely to intervene massively, is something that can help prevent crises,” Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF managing director told the Financial Times. “Just because the financing role decreases, doesn’t mean we don’t need to have huge firepower ... a $1,000bn fund is a correct forecast.” At this point it is glaringly obvious that without the explicit support of the various central banks and of such fake international but really US organizations as the IMF, the already prevalent liquidity crisis would simply destroy the world. The troubling theme is that instead of taking away incremental worries, we have now gotten to the point where one bailout, like a butterfly in China, merely requires 10 more down the road. Alas, instead of a virtuous Keynesian dynamic, this is anything but.

John Taylor Says The Euro Is Like A "Headless Chicken", States Prop Trading Makes Up 80% Of Goldman's Revenue

John Taylor is his usual painfully forthright, objective and candid self in this must read interview in which he analyzes the prospects before Europe (not good), and compares the Euro to a "chicken, with a severed head running across the yard before it dies." Taylor believes that so long as Europe continues to exist in its make believe monetary never-never land, any efforts to bring some form of fiscal rationality in the form of austerity, will be underminded by the continuing lies on the monetary and financial stability fronts. This fits in with Roubini's recent admonition that Obama should finally start treating Americans as adults. Yet in light of recent evidence that Obama has taken more vacation time and golf breaks than even his predecessor, any chance for him to be taken seriously may be long gone. Furthermore, Taylor notes that instead of the ECB demonizing FX traders like himself, the bureaucrats should be thanking him, as he is one of the few voices of reason, and just like in the Asian crisis of 1997, those who listen to him ultimately prevent major capital losses (kinda like what ZH suggested to those invested in Greek bonds some time ago, to the utimate chagrin of an overly defensive RBS). Yet the most notable observation to us at least, is that Taylor confirms our previous statement that Goldman is lying about the contribution of prop trading to its top line. Of Godman's revenue, Taylor says: "80 percent of the revenues which now come from proprietary trading of the bank. No matter what happens, Goldman Sachs always profits." Compare this to our statement from December 2009: "Goldman's head of PR claims the Goldman's prop trading accounts for
only 12% of net revenue. Zero Hedge disagrees, and we would like to
pose a question to Mr. van Praag which we hope Goldman will answer for
us in order to refute our observation that Goldman may be disingenuous
in its public statements.
" Goldman's subsequent response to us did nothing to refute our allegation: "We’ve said publicly that prop trading represents approximately 10% of this year’s reported net revenue.  We generate the vast majority of our revenue in FICC by facilitating trading activity for our clients and nearly all our revenues in FICC are “due to capital at risk” (your phrase)." Shortly after this exchange, finally bringing due attention to Goldman's prop trading operations, the Volcker Rule appeared, and all else equal, will likely impose major restrictions on Goldman's top line, which could be as big as an 80% cut.

Todd Harrison Muses On The Rise of the East and the Downgrade of the West

Earnings season has arrived and the eyes of the world are on corporate America as they share their fare on the state of affairs. After a tenuous second quarter stretch -- one that could have been entirely worse given the sovereign situation -- the market slapped on a brave face for reporting season, rallying 7% since the third quarter began and inching within a kitten’s whisker of the flat line. As analysts sharpen their #2’s and investors wait with bated breath, the other side of the world stirred this week when China’s leading credit agency stripped America, Britain, Germany, and France of their AAA ratings, accusing Anglo-Saxon competitors of ideological bias in favor of the west, according to the Telegraph UK. So what, you say? Could this be a one-off rant? Au contraire Mon frére, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, chief of the IMF, validated the view by offering, “Asia’s time has come.” - Todd Harrison

IMF Preparing For Bailout Cataclysm Part 2

From Bloomberg: "IMF is working to develop a precautionary credit line, MD Dominique Strauss-Kahn said." Last time they did the same with the New Arrangements to Borrow (discussed here), on April 12, a $1 trillion bailout followed. Get ready folks. Europe bailout two is coming.