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Edward DeMarco

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Part Two Of The Fraudclosure Hearing (This Time Featuring Maxine Waters) Live And In Progress

Tuesday's senatorial farce hearing in which fraudclosure was brushed under the rug under the vigilant stare of one Chriss Dodd is being repeated today, this time in Congress, titled: "Robo-Signing, Chain of Title, Loss Mitigation and Other Issues in Mortgage Servicing." Those wishing to waste some time may do so at the following link. As Maxine Waters is present, the farce will be complete.


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FHFA’s DeMarco – TARP Banks are Pikers!

We bail them out. They stiff us. Wonder why we hate the banks? Some thoughts on Ed DeMarco.


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A Good Guy in D.C.?

The new guy at FHFA Edward DeMarco has some moxie. I think he has dished up a tough question to the 'deciders'. His question begs an answer from Weak Tim. Silence.....


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FHFA Voices In On Future Of GSEs: To Be Reconstituted Under Charters

More wishful thinking and generic talking points from the FHFA which will end up being the opposite of what will end up happening. In the meantime, still no update on proposed GSE regulation or why they are still not included in the Federal Budget.


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FHFA's DeMarco Speaks - Ouch!

FHFA's new top cop spoke before the Senate Banking Committee. Strong words. None of them sounded so good to me. Those that think that America's RE and mortgage crisis are behind us should read this. It will get worse before it gets better according to DeMarco. The good news is that he promised the problems at his Agency will come up for discussion before the end of the year. This is going to get interesting.


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FHFA Makes a Big Bet

Reports from FHFA show they are rolling over tons of dead mortgages. What's the objective? To buy some time.


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Targeted Mortgage Lending - Who Pays?

By my count the D.C. mortgage lenders have upward of $1 trillion of loans on their books that were made to achieve social objectives. This has been 'play money' for Congress and past Administrations for years. The boss at FHFA has told Congress this has to stop. Where are chips going to fall on this one?


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