Elizabeth Warren

Watch Live: Equifax CEO vs Elizabeth Warren

The former CEO of Equifax, Richard Smith, is about to be grilled by the Senate Banking Committee Wednesday, with some fiery exchanges expected between him and Sen. Elizabeth Warren who has already slammed the company for what may be the biggest hack in US history.

Watch Live: Wells Fargo CEO To Apologize (Again) To Congress For Massive Fraud

"One Year Later" is the title of the hearing that Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan faces this morning with the Committee on Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs. A year after former CEO John Stumpf was grilled by lawmakers over the bank’s massive scandal over fake accounts, Sloan will tell the panel he is “deeply sorry” for the scandal but also that Wells “is a better bank today than it was a year ago,” according to prepared remarks.

Whitney Tilson Shuts His Hedge Fund... Again

"Dear friends, I recently decided to close my funds and return capital to investors (excerpts from my letter to them are below). It was a hard decision, but the right one."

Why "Populism" Is Here To Stay

"...despite the fact that the survival of the liberal centre depends on the economic well-being of the middle-class, the liberal elites do not care enough to salvage it. Their attitude towards the issue is a mix of sufficiency, contempt and plain unwillingness to change a system that they perceive as beneficial to them."

Government By Goldman

"...now Cohn’s in charge of the economy and talking about eliminating financial reform and basically putting the country back to where it was in 2005, as if 2008 didn’t happen. I’ve started the countdown clock to the next financial crash, which will make the last one look mild."