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Catalan Independence: Why The Collective Hates It When People Walk Away

"The most rational solution would be for the Spanish government to accept the Catalan vote... You see, this is a lose/lose scenario for Spain, all because the collectivist doctrine demands a jackbooted reaction to any movement for decentralization... The only people who benefit from stopping these movements are globalists/collectivists."

Frontrunning: October 2

  • At least 50 dead in Las Vegas shooting (Reuters)
  • Spanish PM faces crisis after violent secession vote in Catalonia (Reuters)
  • Trump Rejects Dialogue With North Korea (WSJ)
  • HP Enterprise let Russia scrutinize cyberdefense system used by Pentagon (Reuters)
  • Automakers Plan Electric Car Blitz as Tesla Burns Billions (BBG)

Armed Soldiers To Replace Cops On Danish Streets

Starting today armed soldiers from the Danish Armed Forces (Forsvaret) will replace police officers at both Denmark’s southern border to Germany and at potential terror targets in Copenhagen, including such Jewish institutions as the Great Synagogue in central Copenhagen.