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How Do People Destroy Their Capital?

The flip side of falling interest rates is rising bond prices. Bonds are in a ferocious bull market. It's gobbling up capital like the Cookie Monster jamming tollhouses into his maw.

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Can't Afford To Buy A House? Buy It Anyway Housing "Experts" Advise

“In metros with high-income growth, unaffordable mortgage payments can become affordable within a few years. For millennials, buying an unaffordable Home isn’t always a bad idea."

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Ferrari's China Sales Tumble

Earlier today, Ferrari reported a great quarter. There was just one problem: Ferrari announced that while sales across the rest of the world were solid, rising by 114 and 159 units in Europe and America, to 815 and 682 units respectively, unexpectedly sales in China tumbled by 24% in the third quarter, or down 50 units Y/Y to 157

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Not "Off To The RACEs" - Ferrari Crashes Below IPO Price

From its highs at $60.97 (after opening at $60), Ferrari has crashed over 16% and broken below its IPO prices today...

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Commodities, Stocks, & Bond Yields Are Plunging, S&P Turns Red

The drop had begun before the US open but shortly after the Ferrari IPO opened (and The Bank of Canada maintained its rates), all hell seemed to break loose. Bond yields started tumbling, stocks broke lower (S&P now red), and commodities all plunged in sync...

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Off To The RACEs - Ferrari's 'Small Float' IPO Roars At Open, Then Stalls

With its IPO price of $52, Ferrari's relatively small float is in great (speculative) demand apparently:


However, after trading up to $60.97, it seems some profit-taking on the "limited to 10,000 cars" automaker is in order...

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Frontrunning: October 21

  • Global Stock Markets Edge Higher Though Global Growth Concerns Weigh (WSJ)
  • Nikkei up 1.9% because Japan export growth slows sharply, raising fears of recession (Reuters)
  • Saudis Risk Draining Financial Assets in 5 Years, IMF Says (BBG)
  • Syria's Assad flies to Moscow to thank Russia's Putin for air strikes (Reuters)
  • US Prosecutor Preet Bharara Probing Daily Fantasy-Sports Business (WSJ)
  • Syrian army denies Russian ground forces fighting in Syria (Reuters)
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Ferrari Prices IPO At $52 (Upper End Of Range), Raises $893 Million

With the ticker symbol RACE, what could possibly go wrong?

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Weekend Reading: Capacious Cognitions

With the Federal Reserve still hinting at raising interest rates, but trapped by weak economic growth, will the next big move by the Fed be another form of monetary accommodation instead? Or, are the underlying dynamics of the economy and market really strong enough to shake off the recent weakness and continue its bullish ascent?

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19-Year Old Sets Own Ferrari On Fire Because He Wanted A New One

On October 24, 2014, the 19-year old son of a wealthy Swiss businessman walked into a brothel in the Bavarian town of Augsburg. Although by almost any standard he led a rather splendid existence, on this particular night he had reached his breaking point. The problem: he drove a 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia.

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"Debt Is A Fickle Witch"

Debt is a fickle witch. When left to its own devices, which it has been for nearly seven years with interest rates at the zero bound, it tends to get into trouble. Unchecked credit initially seeps, and eventually finds itself fracked, into the dark, dank nooks and crannies of the fixed income markets whose infrastructures and borrowers are ill-suited to handle the capacity. Consider the two flashiest badges of wealth in America - cars and homes...

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"You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat" - Does Size Matter When It Comes To The Debt Markets

The reality might just be that the collective "we," and quite possibly sooner than we think, really will need a bigger boat. That is, as it pertains to the global debt markets, which have swollen past the $200 trillion mark this year rendering the great white featured in Jaws which can be equated with past debt markets as defenseless and small as a small, striped Nemo by comparison. The question for the ages will be whether size really does matter when it comes to the debt markets...

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