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Ferrari Crashes

Another "no brainer" bites the dust. Ferrari is halted limit down in Milan trading and is crashing in US trading - now down over 40% from its "successful" IPO day highs...

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The Story You Aren't Being Told About Iran Capturing Two American Vessels

The airwaves in the United States were filled with images of sailors on their knees while a US Navy vessel was searched. Unjustified outrage swept the nation. The US Secretary of Defense blamed the incident on a simple navigation error, however a chain of events leading back to 2009 demonstrates the facts are a little more complicated than first appear. The chain of events leads defense analysts to one unmistakable conclusion: Iran has the ability to disrupt US GPS systems.

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Introducing Pathogenic Finance: The Autonomous, Antifragile, Trustless Paradigm Shift

Now that IBM, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan and the NYSE all agree blockchain technology will dramatically transform finance and capital markets, how does the investor capitalize on the paradigm shift? First, by understanding the concept of "Pathogenic Finance", autonomy and Zero Trust.

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Happy New Year: Global Stocks Crash After China Is Halted Limit Down In Worst Start To Year In History

It all started off relatively well: oil and US equity futures were buoyant on hopes Iran and Saudi Arabia would break out in a bloody conflict any minute boosting the net worth of shareholders of the military industrial complex, and then, out of nowhere, like a depressed China in a bull shop, the "mainland" crashed the party and it all well south very, very quickly...

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George Orwell, Edward Bernays & Perpetual War

George Orwell explained the cynical mechanism of Perpetual War in "1984" as a means to control the masses through terror and scarcity. Western Civilization has been embroiled in various continuous wars since Hitler invaded Poland. The Western public has passively abided Perpetual War, not because of scarcity, but because of consumer abundance, which was developed by virtually anonymous men like Edward Bernays in the 1920s. This is how men in the shadows transformed the American citizen into the American consumer, thus turning the public into a docile, unwitting accomplice in the mayhem which envelops the globe which so enriches those on high.

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How Do People Destroy Their Capital?

The flip side of falling interest rates is rising bond prices. Bonds are in a ferocious bull market. It's gobbling up capital like the Cookie Monster jamming tollhouses into his maw.

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Can't Afford To Buy A House? Buy It Anyway Housing "Experts" Advise

“In metros with high-income growth, unaffordable mortgage payments can become affordable within a few years. For millennials, buying an unaffordable Home isn’t always a bad idea."

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Ferrari's China Sales Tumble

Earlier today, Ferrari reported a great quarter. There was just one problem: Ferrari announced that while sales across the rest of the world were solid, rising by 114 and 159 units in Europe and America, to 815 and 682 units respectively, unexpectedly sales in China tumbled by 24% in the third quarter, or down 50 units Y/Y to 157

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Not "Off To The RACEs" - Ferrari Crashes Below IPO Price

From its highs at $60.97 (after opening at $60), Ferrari has crashed over 16% and broken below its IPO prices today...

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Commodities, Stocks, & Bond Yields Are Plunging, S&P Turns Red

The drop had begun before the US open but shortly after the Ferrari IPO opened (and The Bank of Canada maintained its rates), all hell seemed to break loose. Bond yields started tumbling, stocks broke lower (S&P now red), and commodities all plunged in sync...

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Off To The RACEs - Ferrari's 'Small Float' IPO Roars At Open, Then Stalls

With its IPO price of $52, Ferrari's relatively small float is in great (speculative) demand apparently:


However, after trading up to $60.97, it seems some profit-taking on the "limited to 10,000 cars" automaker is in order...

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