The Most Important Level In The Stock Market

The 536 level on the Value Line Geometric would appear to be a clean and clear line in the sand delineating the business as usual 'BTFD' environment from one that is more vulnerable to a sharper decline.

Great Voids Have A Way Of Filling

"One way price discovery, volatility compression and over 8 years of central bank intervention has paved the way to a general attitude that investors can’t lose money being long..."

Bitcoin Explodes To New Record High Over $5200

Having bounced back from China's exchange closures and Dimon's damning, Bitcoin just broke above its pre-China ICO ban highs and traded above $5000 for the first time in history (even as Russia decided to block local access). There was no looking back as the cryptocurrency is now trading $5240 - a new record high.

Spain Rebounds, Pound Tumbles In Quiet Session Ahead Of ECB Minutes, Fed Speakers

Global markets came off record highs, trading subdued, with US index futures unchanged as traders are unwilling to make major moves ahead of today's ECB minutes and tomorrow’s NFP release, and before speeches by central bankers including SF Fed President John Williams and the potential next Fed chair Jerome Powell, as well as ECB executive board members Peter Praet and Benoit Coeure..

Active Bond Traders Have Never Been More Short Treasurys: Is A Squeeze Imminent?

According to the latest JPMorgan survey, bond trader clients have soured dramatically on Treasuries, with 44% going short relative to their benchmark. That’s the most since 2006 and up from 30% in the prior period. Meanwhile, among those who actively place bets, such as speculative accounts, a record 70 percent were short.