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    02/06/2016 - 00:25
    What we must remember is this: we are in a bear market, and the risk of a countertrend rally is present, but confined. The opportunity on the downside movement dwarfs the risk of a push higher, as...


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Transports Can't Afford To Travel Any Lower

The beleaguered Dow Jones Transportation Average has dropped to a key support level.

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Ignore the technicals at your peril.....

Sometimes its difficult to see the forest for the trees........

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Is This The Spot For A Small Cap Bounce?

The beaten-down Russell 2000 Small-Cap Index has reached a confluence of significant potential near-term support levels. Should this level fail to provide as much as a speed bump and the Russell 2000 slices right through it, then perhaps a more devastating market decline is already at hand.

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Broad Stock Market Index At "Must Hold" Level

The NYSE Composite’s bull market is on very thin ice.

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"In Jeopardy" The Bull Market Is Breaking Bad-der

This week has seen a slew of significant levels related to the post-2009 bull market break on several key stock indices.

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Key Global Equity Index Back On The Precipice

An index that tracks the world’s largest stocks is testing its post-2009 uptrend... again.

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Why China Hit The Panic Button On Metals Traders (In 1 Simple Copper Chart)

Within the last week China appears to have hit the panic button with regards the seemingly unstoppable collapse of commodity prices. First, desperate Chinese producers began to demand a QE-for-commodities bailout; then, following the well-trodden (and failing) path of China's equity market maipulation, authorities began to crackdown on "malicious" commodity short-sellers. So why now? Why focus attention on the commodity markets? Perhaps this chart holds the key...

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Is The "Easy" Money Over For European Stocks?

After mounting a solid bounce off the September lows, European equity markets are now running into resistance.

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Major Market Index Fails Key Test

The blue chip Major Market Index failed to recapture a key breakdown level. Recently, amid the sharp post-September rally, the XMI returned to “kiss” the underside of the broken trendline. This was no happy reunion, however, as the result was a clear and precise rejection of price by the trendline.

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Judgment Day Looms - US 10Y Yield Hitting Key Resistance

With the US bond markets closed for Veterans' Day, it is time to take a breath and examine how far (and how fast) yields have moved in the last few weeks. With the entire curve bursting higher, we focus on the 10Y yield which will need to fight through critical resistance here if rates are to continue to rise.

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Gold – A Rally No-One Really Believes In

Anecdotal evidence from press reports, survey data and positioning data all agree on one point: very few people believe that the recent rally could actually be for real. With a pullback underway, we now have a chance to judge its nature – this should soon tell us if the recent rally was just another fluke or if it retains the potential to become a more sustained advance.

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Will "Vice" Stocks' Out-Performance Put Clamps On The Bull Market?

Stocks of “vice” industries like alcohol and tobacco are showing leadership – that hasn’t always been good news for the market.

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Nasdaq 100 Facing Key Challenge For Stock Rally

The ability of the Nasdaq 100 to overcome nearby resistance would be one of the first price-based signs that the current stock rally may be more than just a mean-reversion bounce.

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