Financial Regulation

Top Goldman Lobbyist Barred From Communicating With House's Financial Services Committee

In a rare example of testicular fortitude, Barney Frank has "banished" Goldman's Michael Pease from communicating with the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee. According to Reuters, the Goldmanite, and former committee staffer, has been "asked" not to interfere with the Congressional panel for a period of 12 months.

Senator Kaufman: "The Market Is Currently Heavily Fragmented And Dominated By High-Frequency Traders"

"Mr. President, I have discussed a variety of questionable practices that deserve and I hope will receive a searching examination by the SEC and by Congress. While some of these innovations have produced benefits, they have also created wide disparities between high-speed traders and average investors. We do not have a clear accounting of all the costs and benefits of these recent market structure changes... High-frequency trading, while not illegal, may operate in ways that undermine the legitimacy of our financial markets. In order to restore investor confidence, we must effectively regulate unfair performance-enhancers. We must shine a light on dark pools, conduct a searching examination of high-frequency trading strategies to ensure they are not manipulative, ban flash orders, and give regulators the tools they need to ensure that broker-dealers are acting in the best interests of their clients." - Senator Ted Kaufman

Wall Street analysts going to DC

In our ongoing coverage of the overhaul of US financial regulation regime, this article caught our eye; to summarize, Wall Streeters are apparently sick of the uncertainty of a typical Wall Street job and are seeking the stability of a government job. Specifically, 400 ex-analyst types have signed up for a job fair featuring 9 government agencies including the FDIC, the FBI and the SEC.