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Gold is currently up over 15% for the year, silver by nearly 12%. Both offer financial safe havens during times of war. All parties involved in the current geopolitical fracas are big holders of gold. Two of them, Russia and China are enabling the trade of the precious metal for key commodities.

The Cleanest Shirt Is Actually Pretty Dirty

"Investors piled into America in the initial stages of his Presidency, but have spent the next six months exiting... The weakness of the US stock market has been masked by a falling US dollar... if the US dollar rallies from here, it will not be good for US stocks."

"It Is Our Very Existence That Is Unbearable To Jihadists"

"The sad conclusion seems to be that that jihadists do not need a "reason" to kill Westerners. They attack equally France, which conducts military operations in the Middle East and North Africa, and countries such as Spain and Germany, which are neutral."