Broke And Bleeding Cash, DNC Ends June $3.3 Million In Debt

After spending a truly obscene amount of money on the Georgia special election last month, money that was proven to be completely wasted after Jon Ossoff was destroyed by Karen Handel, the DNC's balance sheet is looking a little deflated.

The Feds Just Expanded Civil Asset Forfeiture 'Laws' Nationwide

Local police will now be able to seize cash, often from those suspected of drug crimes, even in states that do not condone the policy...the federal program returns cash directly to the police department that took the asset... " It is an effort to empower law enforcement,"

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How Digital Nomads Improve Cities

Digital nomads–people who work remotely and travel–are a great example of people who vote with their feet. The whole point for digital nomads is that they move from place to place based on what they like about the culture, technology, and government of a city.