Will The Swamp Swallow Trump?

"Yes, the parallels [with Reagan] are certainly there... I’ve been in touch with the Trump team. I’ve even written a book about Trump.... But those guys are going to be surprised. They just have no idea what they’re up against....I’ve seen it happen. There are alligators in that swamp."

The Importance Of Being Electoral

The Electoral College makes sense and serves America well. The Founders of America were deeply suspicious not only of central authority, but also of the madness of a crowd. The naive interpretation of democracy is majority rules. But majority rules can very easily mean majority dictates, majority is tyranny. Letting the minority win from time to time is maybe the price to pay for a stable democracy.

Meet Mike Pompeo, The New Director Of The CIA

Moments after Donald Trump offered the Attorney General spot to senator Jeff Sessions (which he promptly accepted), it was announced that Trump had also picked rep. Mike Pompeo as CIA director, who likewise accepted.  Here is a brief profile of the new head of America's spy agency.

Illinois Capital Flight Explained (In 4 Simple Charts)

IRS data show the average income of taxpayers leaving Illinois surpassed the average income of taxpayers entering the state by $20,000 in 2014, a record loss for Illinois in the wake of the 2011 income-tax hike.

Trump Considering Ted Cruz For Attorney General

Donald Trump is considering nominating Texas Senator Ted Cruz to serve as U.S. attorney general, Bloomberg reports citing a person familiar with the matter. The choice would come as a surprise after Cruz called Trump a "pathological liar", a "narcissist", "serial philanderer", "utterly amoral" and a "sniveling coward" during a vicious primary race between the two republicans.

Surge In Online Loan Defaults Sends Shockwaves Through The Industry

In a page taken right out of the CDO book of 2007, delinquencies and defaults on at least four different sets of bonds have reached the "triggers" points. Breaching those levels would force lenders or underwriters to start paying down the bonds early, redirecting cash from other uses such as lending and organic growth. According to Bloomberg, one company, Avant Inc. and its underwriters, will have to begin to repay three of its asset-backed notes, which have all breached trigger levels.

Gold Slumps To 5-Month Lows As Dollar Index Tops 100, Yuan Crashes To New Record Low

Gold prices are down almost 10% from Trump victory highs, testing down towards $1200 once again and pressing 5-month (pre-Brexit fear) lows. At the same time the USD Index has spiked back above 100 - the highest in over a year - as Offshore Yuan crashes to over 6.85/$, the weakest since inception... Simply put turmoil continues...