"We Choose The Nominee, Not The Voters" - Republican Party Split Looms

"The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That's the conflict here." So a Republican split is looking more likely. They have drawn the line in the sand. By no means will they accept Trump. He might as well begin forming a third party. What is going to be exposed is that we do not live in a Democracy. The Republicans prefer Hillary to Trump any day of the week.

All Eyes On Yellen: Futures Flat Ahead Of Fed Meeting Expected To Usher In More Rate Hikes

Today Janet Yellen and the FOMC will go back to square one and try to reset global expectations unleashed by the ill-fated December rate "policy mistake" hike, when at 2pm the Fed will announce assessment of the economy, even if not rate hike is expected today. Just like in December the Fed will be forced to telegraph that it is hiking rates as a signal of a strengthening US, and global, economy where "risks are balanced" and hope that the subsequent global reaction will not be a rerun of what happened in January and February when confusion about the Fed's intentions led to a global market rout.

Soros Floods Democrats With Millions, Warns Trump Of "Consequences"

Following MoveOn.org's "success" last Friday, George Soros is back on the lips of an increasing number of Americans as Bloomberg reports, the liberal billionaire, whose effort to unseat President George W. Bush in 2004 shattered political spending records, is returning to big-ticket activism after an 11-year hiatus. Soros has spent or committed more than $13 million to support Hillary Clinton and other Democrats this election cycle and has warned Donald Trump (and Ted Cruz) of "consequences" for their words and actions. Welcome to the Oligarchy.

For The First Time, National Support For Trump Rises Above 50%

With Trump preparing to steamroll the competition in today's all important primaries, where a victory in Florida is now all but assured and only a Kasich challenge in Ohio can potentially spoil the day for the Donald - if Trump wins Florida and Ohio, it's over - earlier today he got some more good news to propell him even further: for the first time Trump has the support of a majority of Republican primary voters nationwide, scoring an all time high of 53% in support at the national level.

Here's How The Establishment Will Steal The GOP Nomination From Trump

Trump may have proven remarkably adept at whipping certain sectors of the electorate into a veritable frenzy, but he himself will tell you that he’s no politician. In fact, he prides himself on being "outside the political fold," so to speak. He may know quite a few tricks in the boardroom, but he doesn’t know all of the tricks of the political trade, and as Bloomberg outlines, he could still have the nomination “stolen” from him, if the party pulls out all of the stops.

The Cashless Society - Keynesian "Stability" Vs Trumpian Turmoil

"Keynesianism has always been at war with savings since its principle tenet is that savings are bad, consumption is good. The Keynesian central planning authorities at the Fed and elsewhere would like to see a cashless society because keeping cash can be a form of savings instead of consumption. I think we are headed toward a cashless society unless the public wakes up and begins to protest this... which is why the establishment despises Trump as the figurehead for this awakening...If I were Donald Trump I would also double or triple my personal security detail."

Wedbush Warns "A Trump Victory Will Send Stocks Down 50%"

"If [Trump] sticks to his word and his 3rd grade economics, then we would be in trouble... If Trump becomes President of this country, The S&P will go to 1,000... people are brushing it off but there is absolutely no way that this market and this economy does not get pounded."

Did John Kasich Just Say No To A Mitt Romney Endorsement

Perhaps knowing that the last thing he needs is to come off as just another establishment muppet, and concerned that Romney's recent criticism of Trump ended up boosting Trump's popularity, Kasich may have just gotten cold feet, because according to the following note by Reuters, either ther WSJ is wrong, or Kasich had a prompt change of heart about Mitt's endorsement.

After Chaotic Weekend, Trump Holds Rally In North Carolina - Live Webcast

After a weekend full of chaos for Trump rallies in Ohio, where violence broke out during several rallies and Trump was even rushed by an protester, moments ago the GOP presidential frontrunner started his daily rally in Hickory, North Carolina with Chris Christie by his side ahead of the all important primaries in Ohio and Florida.

Will Donald Trump End Up Like JFK?

U.S. elections used to be simpler. They were battles between zombies and cronies. Traditionally, Democrats represent the zombies – the little guys who want more little payoffs and bribes. Republicans are supposed to represent the cronies – fewer in number but with more money – looking for tax breaks, contracts, subsidies, and ways to keep the zombies in their place... But politics is fluid. But while the cultural conservatives were at war with the cultural liberals... the Deep State grew. Today, it’s hard to tell the two parties apart.

Central Bank Rally Fizzles: Equity Futures Lower As Attention Turns To "Hawkish Fed" Risk

While Asia was up on China's bad data, and Europe was higher again this morning to catch up for the Friday afternoon US surge, US equity futures may have finally topped off and are now looking at this week's critical data, namely the BOJ's decision tomorrow (where Kuroda is expected to do nothing), and the Fed's decision on Wednesday where a far more "hawkish announcement" than currently priced in by the market, as Goldman warned last night, is likely, in what would put an end to the momentum and "weak balance sheet" rally.

Trump Threatens "Communist Friend" Bernie, Swamps Rubio In Florida

Amid the maelstrom of Sunday's political show machinations over Trump's rallies, one awkward fact remains - The Donald's lead increases. The latest NBC/Marist polls show Trump 'swamping' Rubio in his home state of Florida (43% to 21%), a solid lead in Illinois (34% to Cruz's 25%), and is closing the gap on Kasich in Ohio (33% to Kasich's 39%). However, as Reuters reports, despite the growing social unrest, The Donald shows no sign of toning down his rhetoric, theatening to send his supporters to the campaign rallies of "Communist friend" Bernie Sanders and hammering Kasich's "Ohio recovery" narrative.