Net Neutrality – The End Of Google's Biggest Subsidy

Lost in all of the theoretical debate about how evil ISPs will create a have/have-not divide in Internet access, is the reality that it already exists along with massive subsidies to the biggest bandwidth pigs on the planet – Facebook, Google, Twitter, Netflix and the porn industry.

Frontrunning: December 15

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The 'Unknown Unknowns' That Threaten U.S. Shale

Those 'known unknowns' serve as a warning: the oil market can’t be complacent and just assume that the Permian boom will deliver as expected... The Wolfcamp may be the star of the Permian but "there are more than likely 'unknown unknowns' out there too."

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Who Will Win The Self-Driving Taxi Race?

While Uber is the largest ride-hailing company in the world, Lyft doesn’t seem to have an intention for going that route. Perhaps becoming the largest, or a close second, ride-hailing company in North America, would be sufficient.

54 Things You Didn't Know About Natural Gas

"Like oil, natural gas is a prolific fossil fuel with many uses, however I feel that it floats unnoticed under the radar, particularly because it is so much easier to carpet bomb oil and coal into submission (as opposed to cute and cuddly natural gas) in the great anti-fossil fuel war of attrition."

Pat Buchanan: Why Roy Moore Matters

".. this coming year may be a do-or-die year to recapture the Third Branch of Government for conservatism... which is why that Dec. 12 election in Alabama counts.: