Can The Permian Push Oil Prices Down To $40?

Two analyst firms have revised upwards their production growth forecasts for the Permian, expecting oil output there to be 300,000 bpd higher by the end of this year...That’s the kind of consensus market players like to see, especially when it comes a couple of days after reports that investors are pulling out from the Permian.

When The Grid Goes Down...

"The vehicle comes to a stop, and you try the ignition again. You look at your watch, a Casio G-Shock, to find there is no display. You reach for your cell phone. Nothing. It’s dead. There are perhaps a dozen cars around you…half to your front and half to your rear. All of them have stopped... The book 'One Second After' has just played out in real life."

Half Of Detroit's Mayoral Candidates Are Felons

Half of the candidates running in next Tuesday’s mayoral primary – the first since the city emerged from Bankruptcy protection in 2014 - have felony convictions on their records.

Electric Car Fever

"The reality of EV World would be conga queues that would make the gas lines of the early ’70s (the result of oil embargoes, not lack of oil) seem like a minor irritation in comparison... The question is – will there be any push back? And will it come in time?"

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Why the Government Hates Your Car

How could The Daily Bell be so clueless and naive about autonomous vehicles? A lot of you pointed out in the comments of a recent article called 5 Huge Benefits of Self Driving Cars, that the government and their media are in favor of anything that takes control away from the individual.

You are right. The government is engaged in a war on cars.