Foreign Central Banks

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Foreign Central Banks Accelerate Rotation From Agencies Into Treasuries

The most recent quarterly data confirms the MBS->Treasury flight. In all reality, the Fed will likely have to expand the agency/MBS portion of QE even more than the Treasury monetization portion when it is time for QE 2.0, as foreigners want to have increasingly nothing to do with Fannie and Freddie. Yet their poison, is the eager involuntary meat of US taxpayers, or so Bernanke will like everyone to believe.

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Is The Fed Enabling Foreign Central Banks To Swap Out Their Agency Debt Into Treasuries?

Another quite intriguing piece by Chris Martenson "The Shell Game - How The Federal Reserve Is Monetizing Debt" reveals some of the intricacies of the Fed's monetization game and, by digging deeper into the Fed's Custody Account, demonstrates not just how the Federal Reserve is enabling foreigners to swap out of Agencies into Treasuries, but how it is implicitly monetizing a markedly larger portion of debt than is assumed.

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