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Russian Warship Steaming Toward U.S Destroyers Off Syria Coast

The Russian frigate, Admiral Grigorovich RFS-494, crossed through the Bosphorus Strait “a few hours ago” from the Black Sea, according to a U.S. defense official. he Russian warship is now in the eastern Mediterranean steaming in the direction of the U.S. warships.

Bannon Responds: "I Love A Gunfight"

Since it was revealed yesterday that Steve Bannon was removed from Trump's National Security Council, the mainstream media rumor mill has run wild with speculation over whether the transition was voluntary or a devastating blindside to a man once considered Trump's right hand man.  Here's the latest...

Trump Weighs Military "Saturation Strike" In Syria, Resulting In Russian Deaths

The Pentagon has briefed Trump on various military options contemplated against Syria among which are a "no fly zone" or the potential use of cruise missiles to take out key military installations. The current "saturation strike" proposal would likely result in Russian military deaths and mark a drastic escalation of U.S. force in Syria.

According To The Media, All Victims of Terror Attacks Are Not Created Equal

Many people are conscious of the media’s biased coverage of terror attacks in different parts of the world. The fact is that people care more when the media tells them to care more. The recent attack in St. Petersburg is no exception. No major landmarks were lit up to show solidarity and sympathy with Russia for an attack that killed more civilians than the London attack two weeks prior. There was no Facebook flag change and no march of world leaders.

Bannon Threatened To Quit; Pence Says "Not Demotion"

"Bannon resisted the move, even threatening at one point to quit if it went forward... Bannon’s camp denied that he had threatened to resign and spent the day spreading the word that the shift was a natural evolution, not a signal of any diminution of his outsize influence."

F-16 Crashes In Maryland, PIlot Ejects

An F-16 fighter jet crashed xi miles southwest of Joint Base Andrews, in Maryland. One person ejected from the plane and has been located by rescue crews.

Frontrunning: April 4

  • Europe stocks rise but bond yield falls show investor caution (Reuters)
  • Danger of Sell-Off in U.S. Stocks Grows as Auto Sales Disappoint (BBG)
  • Battle Over Gorsuch Confirmation Is Set to Hit Senate Floor (WSJ)
  • U.S. business seeks action, not trade war, in Xi-Trump summit (Reuters)
  • Uncovering the Secret History of Wall Street’s Largest Oil Trade (BBG)

Europe: Combating Fake News

If present demographic trends continue, in a few decades, native Swedes could easily become a minority in their own country. Swedish ambulance personnel want gas masks and bulletproof vests to protect their staff against the escalating attacks, similar to equipment used by staff working in war zones. Most dangerous, however, is our inability to deal forcefully with problems undermining Western societies, because some Western media refuse to admit that the problems exist.