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FBI Morale "Very Good" As 'Immune' Hillary IT-Staffer Reportedly A "Devastating Witness"

"Bryan Pagliano is a devastating witness and, as the webmaster, knows exactly who had access to [Clinton's] computer and devices at specific times. His importance to this case cannot be over-emphasized..." according to an intelligence source.

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Ben Carson To Endorse Donald Trump On Friday Morning

If there was still any doubt whether the Trump juggernaut can be stopped before, if not so much after the Michigan primary earlier this week, it can be laid to rest now because shortly after Trump received the endorsement of Chris Christie, the real estate mogul has now secured his second highest profile backing, that of Ben Carson who according to the Washington Post will endorse Trump officially on Friday morning.

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Thanks To The Republican Civil War, Every Scenario Ends With Hillary Winning The Election

But no matter what happens on the Republican side from this point forward, it is going to take a miracle of epic proportions to keep Hillary Clinton from winning the presidency.  Every plausible scenario ends with her in the White House, and that is a truly horrible thing to imagine.

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"There's An Insurrection Coming... The American People Are Sick & Tired Of Crony Capitalism"

"There’s an insurrection coming...Mitt Romney will always be remembered as the one who put us over the edge and awoke a sleeping giant, the Silent Majority, the American people..."

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Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump For President - Live Feed

"The best person to beat Hillary Clinton on that stage is undoubtedly Donald Trump... No one will get inside this guy's head"

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In "Unprecedented, Historic" Move, Senate GOP Will Deny Obama Supreme Court Nominee Hearings

This afternoon Senate Republicans went "all in" on a Supreme Court gamble, in which they vowed to deny holding confirmation hearings for any nominee from President Obama.  The unprecedented decision, made before the president has named a nominee, marks a new chapter in Washington’s war over judicial nominations according to The Hill. In a battle of superlatives, CNN adds that the "historic move outraged Democrats and injected Supreme Court politics into the center of an already tense battle for the White House."

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In "Dramatic Escalation," China Sends Fighter Jets To Disputed Islands

On Tuesday, multiple media outlets jumped at the opportunity to report that China has built radar facilities at Cuarteron Reef, Beijing’s southern-most South Pacific sandcastle. But that, as it turns out, isn't the big news. Just moments ago, GOP mouthpiece Fox News said China has now deployed fighter jets to Woody Island, where imagery from ImageSat International (ISI) showed two batteries of eight surface-to-air missile launchers in place earlier this month.

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Trump: Finally, The Acceptance Comes... And The Gloating

Get ready America: your country is going to be "great again" in T-minus 9 months...

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Disruption Right Where They Don’t Want It

The age of disruption is here and mass media will not be spared. The upcoming US election is a perfect example of what's coming.

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Trump Steamrolls South Carolina; Hillary Barely Beats Bernie

Trump takes South Carolina by storm with a whopping double digit lead; Hillary barely beats Bernie in Nevada.

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Dangerous Speech: Would The Founders Be Considered Domestic Extremists Today?

Not only has free speech become a four-letter word - profane, obscene, uncouth, not to be uttered in so-called public places - but in more and more cases, the government deems free speech to be downright dangerous and in some instances illegal. Yet by allowing the government to whittle away at cherished First Amendment freedoms - which form the backbone of the Bill of Rights - we have evolved into a society that would not only be abhorrent to the founders of this country but would be hostile to the words they used to birth this nation.

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