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The International War On Cash

When we first wrote on the subject, there was considerable criticism as to the possibility that such a program would ever be attempted, let alone succeed. And, granted, it was so Orwellian that it was understandably seen as a crackpot idea. But since that time, the program has been developing extremely rapidly. In the last six months alone, it has become so visible that it has even garnered a name - "the War on Cash." Once complete, state wealth control will exist.

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Former UK Cop Says Jihadists Are Hiding In Refugee "Jungle" Camp

"If I were a returning jihadi, I would smuggle myself in amongst this group; you would easily get lost." "That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard".

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Futures Jump After Oil Rebounds From 11 Year Low On Turkish Terrorist Attack

With China now "murdering" Yuan shorts, markets are content that the Chinese debacle seems to be contained if only for a while, and so the attention of both traders and algos alike has focused on oil, which earlier in the session dragged global equities lower as it dropped by 3%, just shy of the $30 level, a new 11 year low, before staging another dramatic rebound in minutes, wiping out all losses in the aftermath of what appears to have been a deadly suicide bomber terrorist explosion on a square the middle of Istanbul's historic district.

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In "Very Unusual" Move, Avenue Capital's Junk Bond Fund Stops Reporting Asset Levels

A month after we first noted the major redemptions at Avenue Capital Group's credit fund (note this is a different fund from Third Avenue), and just one trading day after CEO Marc Lasry strolled arrogantly on to CNBC and told the public that "I don't think it's a time to panic, I think it's actually a time where you've got opportunities out there," Morningstar reports the Avenue Credit Strategies Fund has failed to report asset levels since about mid-December.

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The China Syndrome: The Coming Global Financial Meltdown

This decline is inevitable in fast-expanding economies that play fast and loose with credit/debt and leverage. All the phantom wealth piled up in China's boost phase is now melting down, and the China Syndrome will trigger a meltdown in global phantom assets.

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Teenage "Terrorist" Attacks Teacher With Machete In France

Just days after a man waving a meat cleaver barged screaming into a police station in northern Paris, a teenager wielding a machete and shouting "Allahu Akbar" attacked a worshipper at a Marseille synagogue on Monday. The man was saved by the Torah - literally.

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Man Who Stormed Paris Police Station With Meat Cleaver Tied To German Sex Attacks

The man who ran into a police station in northern Paris wearing a fake explosive vest, waving a meat cleaver, and shouting "Allahu Akbar" on the Charlie Hebdo anniversary once lived in a German refugee center and may have been involved in the New Year's Eve "sex mob" attacks. Walid Salihi used at least seven aliases while roaming around Europe committing what police say was a string of petty crimes including, but probably not limited to: "touching women's behinds at the disco," strangling a roommate, attacking a "passerby," and beating up a homeless man. 

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Chinese Stocks Plunge, Asia At 4 Year Lows But PBOC Currency Intervention Pushes US Futures Higher

Initially both European stocks and US equity futures were grateful that China has picked at least one asset class to prop up overnight, and rose in an extremely illiquid market with European shares gaining for first time in 4 days, as S&P futures rise even as the MSCI Asia Pacific ex-Japan index just fell to the lowest level in more than 4 years. However, as of moments ago the Stoxx 600 had faded all its earlier gains and was trading near the flatline, as an algo takes out all stops on the top and bottom once more, and looks set to move on to US futures shortly.

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Global Central Banks Are Facing a Crisis Larger Than 2008... And With Little to No Fire Power Left!

Central Banks have employed virtually all of their ammunition including policies that would have been considered "nuclear" in 2008. And the debt bubble is $20 trillion larger than it was in 2008!

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Islamic Radicalism: A Consequence Of Petro-Imperialism

The mainspring of Islamic extremism and militancy isn’t the moderate and democratic political Islam, because why would people turn to violence when they can exercise their right to choose their rulers? The mainspring of Islamic militancy is the despotic and militant political Islam of the Gulf variety. The Western powers are fully aware of this fact, then why do they choose to support the same forces that have nurtured jihadism and terroris?

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"Nowhere To Hide" As Baltic 'Fried' Index Careens To Fresh Record Low

Another day, another fresh all-time record low in The Baltic Dry Index as Deutsche Bank's "perfect storm" appears ever closer on the horizon. Plunging 4.7% overnight to 445 points, this is 20% lower than the previous record low in 1986 and as one strategist warns, "It’s a brutal start of the year, there’s just nowhere to hide on the market."

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French Police Shoot Man With Knife, Bomb Vest On Charlie Hebdo Anniversary

On the one year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, one man decided to "celebrate" by storming a police station in Paris - with a knife. He was promptly shot.

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