Fraudulent Monetary System

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Guest Post: It’s Not Like I Can Talk To My Neighbor About This Stuff…

There’s a rather peculiar tribe of people in northern Uganda known as the Ik that has completely mystified anthropologists for decades. You see, the Ik are unlike just about any other people on the planet in that they shun cooperation, community, and even family. Due to the constant disruption of national boundaries in Africa coupled with terminal drought and famine conditions, the Ik have a very limited means of survival. As such, their culture epitomizes the ‘every man for himself’ mentality. Family means nothing. One brother could be starving to death, and the other brother with a belly full of food, and neither would have the slightest thought of sharing. It simply does not register with them. Each member of the tribe typically spends long periods in isolation searching for food and water. Their only reason for marriage is simply that it’s more convenient to build homes in pairs. Nothing else is shared… and most of the time, an Ik husband and wife will seldom be home at the same time. Children are occasionally produced from conjugal relationships, generally because they scare off birds and pests from the agricultural fields. By the age of 3, Ik children are kicked out of the home and left to fend for themselves. And they’re not weaned off, either, it’s sink or swim. All of this sounds shocking to westerners.

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Buying Gold is One Way to Resist Bankster Tyranny

Buying gold is not just a way to resist the tyranny of banksters, but if bankster-run governments call for citizens to turn over their gold, as has now happened in Turkey, citizens should respond not by acquiescing to these suicidal calls, but by converting more of their fiat currency into gold. 

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