Global Economy

Jeffrey Gundlach Warns "The Goldilocks Era Is Over"

QE has been “clearly correlated” with credit spreads, Gundlach said, but we are “getting very near the end of the corporate credit cycle in terms of the outperformance versus Treasury bonds.”

Yellen's Big Goodbye (And What She's Leaving Behind)

"The past three Fed Chairs before Yellen all had their own crisis to deal with. But Yellen? Nothing. Nada... Yet the lack of a market crisis under her watch might play an important influence on the last meeting she chairs. Think about what she is leaving for Jerome Powell. It is quite clear that the ‘animal spirits’ have been ignited."


Is Bitcoin, Millennial's "Fake Gold"?

"Bitcoin may go up to $110,000 by the end of the 2018 before it comes down to... earth. That is how bubbles work. Just because I called it a bubble doesn’t mean it will automatically pop..."