Google Tops $1000

Having tried and failed late last week, Google's Alphabet (GOOGL) has topped $1000 for the first time ever...

Mish: "Rent-A-Car Industry Shakeout Coming"

"With competition from Google, Lyft, Uber, and likely car dealers such as GM and Ford, places like Dollar will not even survive, especially given their corporate culture and attitude. That said, the mid-term rental business will shrink, not vanish."

Frontrunning: June 2

  • Strong U.S. job growth expected in May; wage rise seen moderate (Reuters)
  • Trump’s Paris Exit Leaves Him Isolated From C-Suites to Capitals (BBG)
  • Critics lament Trump climate move, supporters seek new deal (Reuters)
  • Musk, Iger to quit Trump advisory councils after Paris accord decision (Reuters)
  • Yuan Forecasters Getting It Wrong as China Jolts Markets (BBG)

Frontrunning: May 31

  • Trump Faces Instability as Russia Probe Expands to Inner Circle (WSJ)
  • Huge bomb in sewage tanker kills at least 80, wounds hundreds in Afghan capital (Reuters)
  • Russia fires cruise missiles at Islamic State targets from Mediterranean (Reuters)
  • Trump blasts Russia probe, urges testimony from former adviser Page (Reuters)
  • Activist probing factories making Ivanka Trump shoes in China arrested (Reuters)

Which Companies Have The Highest Revenue Per Employee?

For many companies, the biggest cost is talent. This is especially true of Silicon Valley, where companies sell clicks and digital goods that do not have any material cost. So which companies' workforces are able to generate the most revenue?