Frontrunning: December 22

  • Fingerprints of Tunisian suspect in Berlin attack found on truck door (Reuters)
  • Germany Ill-Prepared for Terror Fight, Critics Say (WSJ)
  • Monte Paschi Will Need a Huge State Rescue (BBG)
  • Trump denounces attack, vows tough immigration plan (AP)
  • Trump’s New Appointments Shake Up Trade, Regulation (WSJ)

Google Sued By Employee For Illegally Muzzling Workers

A lawsuit has been filed against Google by one of its employees alleging the company's policies improperly muzzled workers. The case was filed by Google product manager identified only as “John Doe,” who says he was falsely accused by a Google manager of ‘‘leaking” information to the press.

Three People Hurt In Shooting At Islamic Center In Zurich

Moments after the Russian ambassador to Turkey was shot dead during an exhibition by an attacker who screamed "Allahu Akbar", Swiss Blick magazine reported that three people were hurt during a shooting at an Islamic center in Zurich.

Toward A New World Order, Part III

A new world order is coming of age and the transition is painful to accept for a Western middle class with a deep-seated sense of entitlement.

How We Ended Up Here: A Brief History Of "Fake News", And The Role Of FaceBook

"FaceBook acts as a sovereign power unto itself. It outsources censorship to sites like Politifact, a site with clear policy biases. Hoping that if it does this outsourcing, people won't notice FB's total control over our free speech commons via The Algorithm. But fundamentally, such control is not consistent with a democracy, with a free press, or with freedom of association."

2016 Facts And Figures Quiz

From Donald Trump’s unorthodox but successful campaign for President to the Brexit vote, popular votes shifted the course of global politics in ways very few could have imagined a year ago. Here is a brief quiz that highlights the year’s politics, developments in technology, and changes in the U.S. labor market/economic policy. 

A Year In Search - What Was Trending In 2016

Deadpool, Donald Trump, and Celine Dion were among the most-searched items in 2016, with Prince, Powerball, and Pokemon Go right up there. As Google explains, this year saw many topics set a new all-time high in search. Some were expected, while others were a bit more surprising...