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China's Largest Bank Is Mystery Buyer Of Massive 1,500 Ton Gold Vault In London

Here is precisely where the brand new gold vault of the world's biggest bank will be located.

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Frontrunning: January 8

  • U.S. jobs market seen fairly healthy despite slowing economy (Reuters)
  • China State Funds Said to Buy More Shares After Market Rout (BBG)
  • Global Stocks Gain Some Respite (WSJ)
  • U.S. Jobs Data Take on Added Importance With Markets in Turmoil (BBG)
  • GOP Health Plans Are Works in Progress (WSJ)
  • For economy czar of crisis-hit Venezuela, inflation 'does not exist' (Reuters)
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Warning: the FANGs Are Breaking Down

The former market leaders are all beginning to breakdown. Has the market top finally hit?

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Saudi Aramco Bus Burns Down After "Terrorist Assault" In Qatif Region

Moments ago, according to, a bus belonging to Saudi Aramco was torched in a "terrorist assault" by “four armed rioters” in the country's unrest-filled Qatif region.

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Stocks Resume Rout After Massive Chinese Intervention Fails To Lift Shanghai, Calm Traders

After yesterday's historic -6.9% rout in the Shanghai Composite, which saw the first new marketwide circuit breaker trading halt applied to Chinese stocks (on its first day of operation), many were wondering if the Chinese government would intervene in both the once again imploding stock market, as well as China's plunging and rapidly devaluing currency. And, after the SHCOMP opened down -3%, the government did not disappoint and promptly intervened in both the Yuan as well as the stock market, however with very mixed results which global stocks took a sign that the "national team" is no longer focused solely on stocks, and have resumed selling for a second consecutive day. 

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The Movies Are Becoming Just Like The Markets: A Handful Of Blockbusters And Tons Of Losers

As go the markets, so go the movies. According to the WSJ, Hollywood just had its biggest-ever year at the box office in 2015, collecting $11.1 billion in ticket sales, up 7% from the previous year and surpassing the record of $10.92 billion set in 2013. All of the growth, however, occurred at the top of the heap, or in other words, 2015 was a record year "thanks to a handful of blockbusters that left a whole lot of duds in the dust." In other words, just like in the stock market, a record high portion of Hollywood "gains", or rather box office ticket sales, came from just five movies.

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Comcast, We Have a Problem

Comcast is penny wise, pound foolish.

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Google Is Collecting Information On Public School Students – Here's How

Today, Google and many other tech companies are increasingly part of students’ daily classroom lives under the “school official” designation. And that leaves parents in the dark about who has access to an increasingly large cache of information about their children and may compromise their privacy down the line, experts say. Google says it has “always been firmly committed to keeping student information private and secure.” Private and secure, ok, but they are still collecting this data aren’t they?

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2015 Year In Review: "Terminal Phase" Excess & Peak Cognitive Dissonance

Important pillars of the bull case evaporated throughout 2015. Global price pressures weakened, the global Credit backdrop deteriorated and the global economy decelerated. The huge bets on central bank policies left markets at high risk for abrupt reversals and trade unwinds – 2015 The Year of the Erratic Crowded Trade. Indeed, a global bear market commenced yet most remain bullish. Serious and objective analysts would view this ominously.

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The Next Big Short

At the end of the day, the current preposterous $325 billion market cap has nothing to do with the business prospects of this firm or the considerable entrepreneurial prowess of its leader and his army of disrupters. It is more in the nature of financial rigor mortis - the final spasm of the robo-traders and the fast money crowd chasing one of the greatest bubbles still standing in the casino.

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Frontrunning: December 30

  • Oil rebound fizzles, sending global shares lower (Reuters)
  • Saudi Arabia Won’t Change Oil Production (WSJ)
  • China suspends forex business for some foreign banks (Reuters)
  • Republicans come up short in search for diverse voters in 2016 election (Reuters)
  • Oil Prices Become a Problem for U.S. Steelmakers (BBG)
  • Oil-Producing States Battered as Tax-Gushing Wells Are Shut Down (BBG)
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Google's Enterprise Value Quietly Surpasses Apple

For the first time since early 2014, "no brainer" Apple's Enterprise Value has fallen below that of its tech giant super-hero nemesis Alphabet (the company formerly known as Google). Since early July, Apple has lost a stunning $112 billion of 'value' while Alphabet has added over $150 billion. In September we asked "have we reached peak Apple?" it appears, for now, the answer is in.

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