11 Killed, Dozens Injured After Two Italian Tains Collide Head On

While most attention on Italy these days is focused on the slow-motion crash involving its banks, overnight a real - and tragic - train crash took place in Europe's third largest economy. The crash involved two passanger trains belonging to the North Bari line which collided head on resulting in the death of 11 people and injuring dozens according to Italian site Ansa.

Nintendo Soars As 'Pokemon Go' More Popular Than Porn

When your app is "more popular than porn" it is hard to argue with Nintendo's stock prices surge following the unprecedented success of the launch of Pokemon Go - the augmented reality app taking the world by storm.

Frontrunning: July 11

  • Global stocks rise as markets anticipate stimulus (Reuters)
  • Global Stocks Buoyed by Rally in Japan (WSJ)
  • Andrea Leadsom Pulls Out of Conservative Party Leadership Race (WSJ)
  • More protesters arrested, police say Dallas sniper plotted bigger assault (Reuters)
  • Voters Add to Election Turmoil by Threatening to Jump Party Lines (WSJ)

Entire US Cyber Network Is Already Compromised, Clinton Emails Are The Least Of Our Worries

Hillary Clinton's emails and server misconduct are the least of our worries. The fact that her server was receiving files that passed through or originated on the State Department servers is enough to know she exposed her private system to hackers. Michael McCaul, a Texas Congressman and Chairman of The House Committee On Homeland Security called Clinton "careless" and said she "potentially did harm" to national security, but the truth is the US system is/was/has been compromised, for years, since before Hillary tapped in her new network

Jack Dorsey Hacked Following Efforts To Mute Abusive Accounts

The hacking of Jack Dorsey's verified Twitter account suggests the CEO is now seeing backlash against his hypocritical efforts at squelching 'free' speech he may not like while simultaneously promoting Twitter as a First Amendment platform.

Uber And European Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs

"He was kicking and punching at the machine. It set off all the alarms and sent an alert to the security guard’s mobile device. When that happened, this guy turned white and took off like a little girl."

Climate, Energy, Economy: Pick Two

“Everything that is not resilient to high energy prices and extreme weather events will become economically unviable... and approach worthlessness. On the other hand,... Investments of time, energy, and money in resilience will become more economically valuable..."

Frontrunning: July 1

  • Bond yields sink as central banks head for easier policy (Reuters)
  • PM hopeful Gove says UK leader must believe in Brexit (AP)
  • U.K. Can’t Bank on EU’s Rationality in Talks (WSJ)
  • Gove Makes Case for U.K. Premiership After Johnson Betrayal (BBG)
  • ECB not debating abandoning capital key in QE buys (Reuters)

Frontrunning: June 30

  • Brexiters at war as Johnson pulls bid to be PM (FT)
  • Soros Says Brexit Has ‘Unleashed’ a Financial-Markets Crisis (BBG)
  • World stocks poised for worst month since January (Reuters)
  • China to tolerate weaker yuan, wary of trade partners' reaction (Reuters)
  • China central bank criticizes media for publishing 'inaccurate information' on yuan rate (Reuters)

Frontrunning: June 28

  • Brexit vote, UK political confusion keep world markets on edge (Reuters)
  • Cameron Heads to Last Supper in Brussels Amid Impasse in London (BBG)
  • Banks Get Reprieve From Brexit Hammering (WSJ)
  • U.S. Stock Futures Rise as Stimulus Hopes Outweigh Brexit Fears (BBG)
  • Brexit adds to existing troubles faced by banks (FT)