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How To Outperform Most Hedge Funds In 2016

The answer: go long precisely the stocks that hedge funds are least concentrated in, or, simpler, be long gold.

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Frontrunning: February 23

  • Risk rally fades as stocks, oil slip back into the red (Reuters)
  • Syrian govt. accepts halt to 'combat operations' in line with U.S.-Russian plan (Reuters)
  • Earliest Chinese Data Signal Slowdown Hasn't Bottomed Out Yet (BBG)
  • The Trickle of U.S. Oil Exports Is Already Shifting Global Power (BBG)
  • Greek police remove migrants from Macedonian border as more land in Piraeus (Reuters)
  • Clinton, Sanders race takes on angrier tone after Nevada (Reuters)
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Silicon Valley's Business Model In Jeopardy As Wireless Carriers Start Blocking Online Ads

We don’t believe customers should have to pay for data usage driven by mobile ads,” Tom Malleschitz, chief marketing officer of Three UK, said in a statement. “Irrelevant and excessive mobile ads annoy customers and affect their overall network experience.”

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"It Just Occurred To Me" - Trump Proposes Boycott Of Apple, While Tweeting From An iPhone

Moments ago during a campaign event in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, Trump had an epiphany: "It just occurred to me." His solution: a boycott of Apple Inc products until the tech giant agrees to U.S. government demands that it unlock the cellphone of the San Bernardino killer. "Boycott Apple until such time as they give that information," Trump said.

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Is Citadel Unwinding A $50 Billion Portfolio In The Aftermath Of The Surveyor Debacle

The WSJ writes that "through the second week of February, Citadel’s main fund is down 6.5% this year, a person familiar with the matter said." As Copeland notes, "Mr. Griffin grapples with a money-losing stretch unusual for one of the hedge-fund world’s marquee names." That is only part of the story. Here is what the WSJ missed. As our source reveals, Citadel is quietly trying to unwind the $50 billion leveraged Surveyor portfolio.

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Morgan Stanley Admits "Our Advice Has Been Horrendous", Blames "Bizarro World"

"Our portfolio advice has been pretty horrendous lately.... As an investor recently said to us at a conference, “I am doing a lot of things, just nothing with confidence”. Doing the opposite of what we recommended would have been better. Bizarro World. Or at least hopefully not the real world.."   - Morgan Stanley's Adam Parket

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Guest Post: Abolish The Supreme Court

The current frenzy over the vacancy on the Supreme Court in the wake of Scalia’s death should be enough to make it clear to even the most naïve observer that the Supreme Court is a partisan and political institution, and nothing like the group of disinterested non-political sages that we are supposed to believe the court to be. The idea of the court as a group of jurisprudential deep thinkers is a tale for little school children...

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Calgary's Housing Market Collapses While "Three-Alarm Blaze" Burns Next Door In Vancouver

It's a tale of two cities in Canada where Vancouver's home prices in Vancouver are literally off the charts, while condos sales in beleaguered Calgary fell by 38% last year, the largest decline since the crisis. 

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Keynesianism's Long March To The Dustbin Of History

The whole Keynesian regulatory structure is going to collapse. Why? Because we are reaching an inflection point. We are reaching the point at which the exponential curve turns sharply upward. This is good news for liberty, and it is bad news for the arrogant theorists of Keynesian central planning, the arrogant tenured bureaucrats of central banks, and the protected employees of virtually every other government-regulated industry or profession. They are presiding over the final stages of the illusion of central planning.

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Sanders To Hillary: "I'm Proud To Say Henry Kissinger Is Not My Friend"

One of the more bizarre memes that continues to be parroted by the establishment media is this idea that Hillary Clinton is so much stronger than Bernie Sanders when it comes to foreign policy. Sure, if your definition of “strength” consists of cheerleading for the cataclysmic Iraq War and propagating a series of war crimes and international fiascos as Secretary of State, then I suppose that’s true.

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Frontrunning: February 12

  • Yellen's dilemma: A downturn with no easy response (Reuters)
  • Clinton, Sanders clash over Obama as they vie for minority votes (Reuters)
  • Risk Grows of Markets Sparking Recession (WSJ)
  • Global Stock Rout Eases Amid Oil Advance as German Bonds Decline (BBG)
  • U.S. Benchmark Yield Will Be at Record Low in March at This Rate (BBG)
  • Oil Prices Rally on Hopes of Production Cuts (WSJ)
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Top US Official Admits Government Will Use "Internet Of Things" To Spy On The Public

You can’t say you weren’t warned. The writing on the wall that “smart devices” would prove to be manna from heaven for spy agencies and hackers around the world has been obvious for a very long time. And now, from none other than James Clapper, we get confirmation...

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"Confidence Is Lost": Fred Hickey Says "Bear Market Will Last Until QE4"

"The Fed is completely dangerous - it's the most dangerous entity out there. The policy makers are the ones who are causing much of the problems we have today... The bad news has only just begun... This bear market will continue which means we’re headed lower with rallies in between until the Federal Reserve is forced to come in and start QE4."

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FANG stocks are collapsing in the pre-market as faith in the "growth at any cost" meme crashing on the shores of reality once again. Now down over 16% from their post-Fed-rate-hike highs, the stocks you should never sell are being sold in size as large crowds and small doors press NFLX and AMZN (and TSLA for good measure) down over 30% year-to-date. Even Mark Cuban is hedging...

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