Head and Shoulders

BofAML: EUR Has Topped And Gold Will Surprise To The Upside

EURUSD has topped out, BofAML's Macneil Curry notes, as the break of 1.3548 confirmed a bearish turn in the medium-term trend, targeting 18-month trendline support at 1.3144. Furthermore, Curry warns, longer-term charts suggest this could be the start of something significantly more bearish - targeting the 200-month average at 1.2187. Despite this USD strength, Curry adds, gold remains curiously bid and could squeeze to $1,399.

BofAML Warns USDJPY Trend Has Turned

USDJPY's medium-term trend has turned from bullish to bearish. BofAML's Macneil Curry warns that the break of the old May highs suggest weakness should extend further with the 200-day moving avarege at 99.71 as a minimum downside target. Given the JPY's weighting in the USD Index basket, this does not have specific bearish USD implications but does have significant effect on equities as the JPY carry trade comes under pressure.

BofAML On Silver's Squeeze, The Lurching Loonie, & Treasury's Turning Trend

US Treasury yields broke down sharply Friday, confirming a near-term, potentially medium-term, turn in trend; and, as BofAML's Macneil Curry notes, this Treasury turn should prove to be a headwind for select USD pairs, (although BofAML remains bigger picture USD bulls); particularly USDJPY. However, the weakness in the Canadian USD - which was the only currency not to rally against the greenback on Friday - suggests the downtrend in the Loonie has significant legs. Precious metals - most notably silver - could also benefit from the Treasury trend change.

BofAML: Bond Bears And USDJPY Bulls Beware

Treasury bears are at risk, is the ominous warning from BofAML's Technical Strategist MacNeil Curry, as bonds are on the verge of turning the near-term, and potentially medium-term, trend from bearish to bullish. USDJPY bulls should also take note as with the 3-month uptrend increasingly showing its age, a reversal in US rates could prove to be the catalyst for a USDJPY reversal lower.

Trading The Technicals: Buy The "December Triple Witching" Dip

The S&P 500 is set to resume higher, according to BofAML's Macneil Curry pointing to the week of December Triple Witching as historically one strongest of the year for the S&P500. With fundamentals a thing-of-the-past, paying attention to the technicals in a world of one driver of stocks (Fed balance sheet), for short-term trading signals may have some value. Of course, with an 'event' as potentially huge as the FOMC meeting this week, adding risk on an already good year (when the world already believes a taper is "priced in") may be more greatest fool than momo monkey.

Trading The Technical With BofA: S&P500, EURUSD, Treasurys And Crude

Since fundamentals have been irrelvant for years, the only possible (short-term) guide in a market in which the only thing that does matter is the Fed's balance sheet, are trends (as Hugh Hendry put it so appropriately) here are some technical trade ideas from Bank of America, on the EURUSD, Treasurys, the S&P500 and WTI.

Trouble For Treasurys, The Technicals Tell

Treasuries are resuming their bear trend, with 10yr yields pushing above 2.839%, the Nov-21 high and BofAML's MacNeil Curry warns "Treasuries are in trouble." They continue to target a break of 3.00% in the sessions ahead. This is the September/3m range highs. However, they are most focused on 5yr yields and TYH4 (10Y March futures). Remember, Curry cautions, with the MOVE Index turning higher, Treasuries are moving into a more volatile environment. Price action in the next week or so could be explosive. Of coursem while the trend (and consensus) is your friend in this view, given the Fed's dominant position, there is always the chance of a short squeeze.

BofAML Warns Rising Treasury Volatility Suggests Either Higher Rates "Or" Lower Stocks

The broad-based measure of Treasury bond volatility - MOVE - has broken higher, and, as BofAML's MacNeil Curry notes, confirms a base and change in trend (to higher or more volatility). With the month of December traditionally a strong month for the MOVE Index and Treasury volatility in general, Curry warns there are two ways the volatility can move higher - either higher rates or lower equities.

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Dollar Remains Fragile

The US dollar looks vulnerable to additional losses next week.  While we had correctly anticipated the greenback's losses last week, we had expected it to begin recovering ahead of the weekend.   This did not materialize and, leaving aside the yen, the dollar finished the week near its lows.   Generally speaking, the technical outlook for the greenback has soured and, in fact, warn of some risk accelerated losses in the period ahead.  

BofAML: "This Gold Pullback Is A Dip To Buy" And Stocks Are "Ripe For Stalling"

BofAML's NacNeill Curry remains bullish gold. He notes the impulsive gains from the 1251 low of Oct-15 and break of the 2-month downtrend (confirmed on the break of 1330) imply the medium-term trend has turned bullish. We look for an ultimate break of the 1433 highs of Aug-28, with potential for a push to 1500/1533 long-term resistance. Curry suggests traders buy this dip at around 1310 - warning that this view is nagated with a break below 1251. For those awaiting, a break of 1375 (Sep-19 high and right shoulder off a multi-month Head and Shoulders Top) is additional confirmation of the trend turn.

BofAML Turns Bullish On Gold

BofAML's MacNeil Curry is changing his view on gold from bearish to bullish. The impulsive gains from the 1251 low of Oct-15 and break of the two-month downtrend (confirmed on the break of 1330) tells him that a medium-term base and bullish turn is unfolding. BoFAML looks for an ultimate break of the 1433 highs of Aug-28, with potential for a push to 1500/1533 long term resistance. In the next several sessions Curry suggest buying dips into 1309, cautioning that this bullish view is "wrong" if gold breaks below 1251. For those awaiting additional confirmation of a turn, Curry notes you need to see a break of 1375 (Sep-19 high & right shoulder off a multi-month Head and Shoulders Top).