Macquarie Identifies The Winners And Losers Of MiFID II

Macquarie's equity research team has just offered up a valuable economics lesson which seems to perfectly, if inconveniently, explain why their business model is doomed by the upcoming implementation of MiFID II.

Keynes: A Master Of Confused And Confusing Prose

Today many people - economists, financiers, investors, busi­ness owners, and managers - say that Keynes is their intellectual hero. Have they actually read The General Theory? Have they read more than the few clear and witty passages so widely quoted?

Robert Murphy: 3 'Good' Things About "Price-Gouging"

"It’s obvious why most people would find this outcome horrendous, and that government officials would reassure the public that such behavior won’t be tolerated. Even so, free market economists stress the social benefits of allowing the price to rise in this scenario."

Stocks Rebound As Europe Ends 3-Day Losing Streak; VIX, Gold, Bonds Slide

S&P futures are modestly in the green, following gains in European and Asian shares, after the cash index climbed on Monday for the first time in three days as volatility tumbled amid abysmal trading volumes. European stocks joined an Asian stock rally following three days of losses. Bonds, gold, VIX and the yen declined despite another warning from Ray Dalio who said he was "reducing risk."