Hertz - The Final Nail In The Coffin

"The greatest challenge for Hertz is not behind, it lies ahead, and it’s one that they may not be able to survive this time..."

Mish: "Rent-A-Car Industry Shakeout Coming"

"With competition from Google, Lyft, Uber, and likely car dealers such as GM and Ford, places like Dollar will not even survive, especially given their corporate culture and attitude. That said, the mid-term rental business will shrink, not vanish."

Hertz Plunges 14% After Reporting Abysmal Earnings

Hertz stock plunged after hours after the car rental company missed first-quarter expectations, when it reported abysmal Q1 earnings. HTZ reported a Q1 net loss from continuing operations of $223 million, or $2.69 a share, including $30 million of impairment charges, a loss over four times greater compared to the $52 million it lost in Q1 of 2016.

How Uber Hurts Hertz

While Hertz gets keelhauled when it loses a few hundred millions dollars, Uber is considered a hero when it loses billions of dollars. It’s easy to plow down competition when burning unlimited amounts of investor cash is part of the business model. This allows Uber to undercut any kind of competition.

What's Left To Drive The Recovery? Not Much

"These are some serious headwinds, and it’s not clear what offsets them. Could be that the only source of future growth is the government, which means the Fed will soon have to reverse course, cutting interest rates and buying up even more of what used to be known as the free market."

Cadillac Launches First Ever "Vehicle Subscription" Service

With record low interest rates, stretched out financing terms and an insatiable wall street demand for subprime auto securitizations all teaming up to drive record-high auto sales, Cadillac seems to think there is little room for incremental upside in their traditional auto sales/leasing business so they've decided to pursue an alternative business strategy whereby they just sell cars to themselves instead. 

Frontrunning: December 14

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With All Eyes On The Fed, Stocks And Crude Slip, Bonds Rise

European stocks slipped from an 11 month high, Asian stocks and S&P futures were flat as caution pervades global markets before the Federal Reserve’s expected interest-rate hike on Wednesday. Treasuries slipped, after reaching the highest level in more than two years. Oil in New York slid to near $52 a barrel after API showed a build in inventories, and currencies of commodity-exporting nations fell. Gold headed for its biggest gain in a week.