Housing Bubble

How Much Gold Should The Common Man Own?

"It’s curious that people are worried about gold but not the obvious bubbles that surround them. Media contributes to the ignorance by demonizing gold while praising bubbles."

Is Another Oil Head-Fake Coming?

"The global economy will quickly adjust to low oil prices, and decisions will be made to raise consumption based on those low prices... When oil inevitably spikes higher as supply is slashed and demand increases off the recessionary trough, everyone will be "surprised" that low prices didn't last... That's the oil head-fake in a nutshell."

Toronto Housing Market Implodes: Prices Plunge Most On Record

Home prices in Canada’s largest city just suffered their biggest monthly drop on record amid government efforts to cool the market and the near-collapse of Home Capital Group spooked speculators. Making matters worse, transactions tumbled 40%, the biggest year-over-year decline since 2009