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Is A New Era Upon Us?

Populism, patriotism, nationalism, defying political correctness and dissing the establishment and the elites that monitor PC are where it’s at. There are reasons for such populist rage...Put bluntly, the nation seems almost everywhere on an unsustainable path.

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93% Of American Counties Haven't Recovered From The Recession

"Overall, the county economies recovered on all four indicators by 2015 still represent only 7 percent of all county economies. In contrast, almost 16 percent of county economies had not recovered on any indicator by 2015."

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Chicago Schools In "Dramatic Trouble": "They're Looking At A Disaster," Illinois Governor Warns

“For them to say ‘hey you owe it to us, it’s Springfield’s fault, pick up our pension liability and let us kick the can in the rest of our pension liability, no, no, not happening.”

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Bill Gross Warns Of Demographic Doomsday

"Demographics may not rule absolutely, but they likely will dominate investment markets and returns for the next few decades until the Boomer phenomena fades away. The 1% – in addition to the 99 – will need extra doses of Xanax, or additional slices of cake, to cope."

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Frontrunning: January 4

  • China stocks tank, triggers circuit breaker (Reuters)
  • Stocks Slump Across Europe and Asia Following Shanghai's 7% Crash (BBG)
  • China Halts Stock Trading After 7% Rout Triggers Circuit Breaker (BBG)
  • Iran says Riyadh thrives on tension after relations cut (Reuters)
  • Saudis and Bahrain Face Off With Iran in Worst Clash Since 1980s (BBG)
  • Syrian rebel group backs Saudi move to cut ties with Iran (Reuters)
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Puerto Rico Is Greece, & These 5 States Are Next To Go

As Wilbur Ross so eloquently noted, for Puerto Rico "it's the end of the beginning... and the beginning of the end," as he explained "Puerto Rico is the US version of Greece." However, as JPMorgan explains, for some states the pain is really just beginning as Municipal bond risk will only become more important over time, as assets of some severely underfunded plans are gradually depleted.

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Stunning Drone Footage Of The Midwest Flooding Wreaking Havoc On US Oil

After the first deadly winter storm this season, now come the floods: the near record-water level across the U.S. Midwest has disrupted everything from oil to agriculture, forcing pipelines, terminals and grain elevators to close. Here is the stunning drone's-eye footage capturing the unprecedented water level across much of the US Midwest.

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Frontrunning: December 30

  • Oil rebound fizzles, sending global shares lower (Reuters)
  • Saudi Arabia Won’t Change Oil Production (WSJ)
  • China suspends forex business for some foreign banks (Reuters)
  • Republicans come up short in search for diverse voters in 2016 election (Reuters)
  • Oil Prices Become a Problem for U.S. Steelmakers (BBG)
  • Oil-Producing States Battered as Tax-Gushing Wells Are Shut Down (BBG)
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Pennsylvania, Illinois Usher In The New Year With Record Budget Impasses

"The longer you wait to try to catch up on funding, the worse the situation gets."

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2015 Year In Review - Scenic Vistas From Mount Stupid

“To the intelligent man or woman, life appears infinitely mysterious, but the stupid have an answer for everything.” ~Edward Abbey

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The Billionaire's Pick: How Marco Rubio Became The Preferred Puppet Of GOP Oligarchs

As concerning and hateful as so much of Trump’s commentary is, we can at least be sure he speaks from his own twisted mind. This is precisely why he appeals to so many people in this day and age of completely captured politicians. People like the fact that every word out of his mouth hasn’t been carefully placed there by some billionaire patron. On the exact opposite end of that spectrum we find Marco Rubio. A man so incapable of free-thought, he becomes the ideal target for billionaires looking to craft the perfect puppet. Forget Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio is now the establishment GOP’s pick, and they will do everything in their power to get him the nomination.

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How Many People Were Shot Near Your Home This Year: Find Out With This Interactive Map

Given all of the attention the issue has received of late, you might be curious to know just how prevalent gun violence actually is where you live. Fortunately, there’s a map for that. Utilizing data from the Gun Violence Archive, The Trace and Slate have developed an interactive map which allows you to discover how many fatal and non-fatal shooting have occurred in a particular area. Essentially, the map uses location data to find where you are, and tells you if anyone has been shot there recently. How cool is that?

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US Pensions Squander Retirees' Cash On Fees For Underperforming Hedge Funds

“Hedge funds have cost the states tens of billions in opportunity costs the last five years."

"Taxpayers and those who count on government services and investments will pay the price.”

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