International Monetary Fund

Michael Hudson: America's Monetary Imperialism

"...the conflict between creditors and democracy, between oligarchy and economic growth (and indeed, survival) will remain the defining issue of our epoch over the next generation..."

Dow Hits Record 24,000, Europe Jumps As Euphoria Returns After Tech Rout

Despite a Wednesday dive in high-flying U.S. tech stocks on worries their boom may have peaked following a MS downgrade, which presured Asian stocks leading to a slide in Hong Kong and South Korean share, on Thursday morning the dip buyers have emerged and both European stocks and US equity futures are once again solidly in the green as yesterday's tech selloff is quickly forgotten.

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Eat Gold

Mainstream media often disparages gold with the excuse that "you can't eat it". Yes, you can eat gold, but the argument is misleading nonetheless.

The Five Biggest Tests For China's Next Central Bank Governor

Zhou Xiaochuan, the outgoing PBoC governor, is a shrewd man and his warning about a "Minsky moment" will not have been made idly. He is also a principal architect of China's credit bubble, whether (always) willing or not, and must shoulder some of the blame. If he is lucky, his successor will be the one picking up the pieces...

German Q3 GDP Growth Smashes Expectations

While the Eurozone’s structural problems remain unaddressed and the ECB’s ability to wind back its stimulus remains untested, the worst part of Germany's economic strength and the broader Eurozone resurgence, is that a host ECB bureaucrats will be putting themselves forward to take the credit.