Cruz Blames Staff For Liking Porn

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was trending on Twitter this morning after his official Senate account "liked" a pornographic video...

When Haters Hijack History

"While nobody with any sense can find any logic in the far-right racist groups like the Nazis or the Klukkers; Black Lives Matters' media power - and the fear many have of being labeled a racist for opposing them - will continue to give haters on the far left the power to rewrite American history."

Trump Warns Xi: Trade War With China Begins Monday

As if there weren't enough geopolitical stress points in the world to fill a lifetime of "sleepy, vacationy" Augusts, late on Friday night President Trump spoke to Chinese President Xi Jinping and told him that he's preparing to order an investigation into Chinese trade practices next week, effectively launching trade war with China.

Is The Yellen Fed Planning To Sabotage Trump's Presidency?

"The question is: Will the economic backdrop be favorable for Republicans to campaign on the Trump agenda? That remains to be seen. Given the stakes, Donald Trump’s hiring decisions at the Fed could make or break his presidency."