• Bruce Krasting
    12/18/2014 - 21:42
      The one thing that Jordan can't do in this war is appear to be weak.
  • Marc To Market
    12/20/2014 - 12:21
    When the dollar falls, we are told it is logical.  The empire is crashing and burning.  When the dollar rises, the markets, we are told are manipulated.    Well, the dollar is...

Insane Asylum

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Dispatches from Occupied Territory - Awakening Alone While in a Relationship

A common refrain from those who are awakening is they suddenly find themselves living with someone they no longer ‘know’. Rarely do they understand their partner may actually feel the same way.

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A Kept Culture

The perks that come with being kept will not survive the breaking of the keep.

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World Proxy War I - Mapping The Foreign Troops Fighting In Syria And Iraq

If only a year ago, someone had suggested that World Proxy War I would break out on the territory of what used to be Iraq and Syria, they would be deemed insane and put away in the Marriner Eccles building or some other insane asylum. And yet, as AFP's latest map shows, as of this moment nearly 20 nations from around the globe have deployed boots on the ground to battle a terrorist threat, which at least according to the people of Iraq, was once again created by the CIA.

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9/11 - The Ultimate Litmus Test

If nothing else we have learned it doesn’t matter how obvious the lie is if people don’t want to know the truth.


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Control the Language and You Control the Mind

It is the effective manipulation of our belief systems that enslaves us to the present day insanity.

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(Conditioned) Human Nature within the Insane Asylum

In so many ways caged from birth, is it any wonder we exhibit clear and disturbing signs of depression, neurosis and self destructive behavior?

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CEO Of Jefferies: "These Are The Cancers That Will Cause The Next Crisis"

"People who take short cuts, are political, prioritize themselves above others, take excessive risks for personal gain, don’t value capital, or are unethical are outright cancers. These types of people will not only flourish in the next crisis, but most probably they will cause it."

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Enlightened Self Interest and Financial Industry Hypocrisy - Chapter One of Three

The level of governmental and corporate corruption, chronic unemployment, rising food and medical costs and the escalating taking of rights and freedoms are not unseen by the population at large, just desperately ignored.


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The Sovereignty Series - Reassessing Our Lives - The Value of Being Centered

One must build the walls of our own cage higher than we are willing to climb if we are to remain safely confined within our own mind.

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The Answer is 42

To be perfectly honest (pun most definitely intended) the reason we tolerate lies from others is because we want them to tolerate our lies. What goes around (hopefully) comes around, at least when it comes to lying.

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Two Ice Floes

To express any uncertainty whatsoever was, and still is, considered a sure sign of weakness and will never be entertained. This belief is nearly universally held and is of course promoted by all self proclaimed authorities.

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Promises, Promises!

Truth is instantly recognizable for its self evident nature. The difficulty isn’t in knowing what to do; the difficulty lay in doing what needs to be done.


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Guest Post: Bizarre Updates From 'The New Normal' School Of Economics

Last week saw a full court press in defense of the current money printing exercise. As we have frequently pointed out, modern-day economic policy is evidently in the hands of utter quacks. It matters little to them that their prescriptions have failed time and again for hundreds of years – they do the same thing over and over again, as though they were escapees from an insane asylum.

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The Science Delusion – Reexamining our Worldview Mindset

Rarely if ever do we consider that we presently labor under our own woefully wrong flat world perspectives so deeply engrained within our present day mindset that we are completely and utterly blind to how wrong we might just be.

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Are People Being Thrown In Psychiatric Wards For Their Political Views?

Governments Indefinitely Detaining Citizens In Psychiatric Wards Without Due Process of Law

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