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Sentiment in the crude oil market has been quite pessimistic lately with NYMEX front month dropping 8% in one week to $72/b. However, over the coming months, oil price should push higher reflecting the changing global demand/supply pattern resulted from some new development in the sector. Weekly Oil Market Update: 01/11/2010 - 01/15/2010

Crude oil futures fell for five straight sessions as warmer weather in the U.S. dispelled forecasts of unusually low temperatures and allowed concerns about demand to come to the fore. The price for Nymex’s West Texas crude fell about 6% during the week, starting at nearly $83 and finishing at $78.

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Broad capital spending cuts, and curtailed production have landed machinery companies in the pits but mining equipment makers will likely be among the first to emerge from under the recessionary rubble. The reason is that commodity prices are up substantially from their recent lows, at a time when the world is running out of all those precious natural resources.

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There was a report by the Guardian this Monday that a “whistleblower” from the International Energy Agency (IEA) claims that IEA has been, for years, over-reporting the estimates of oil reserves around the world under pressure from the U.S. government. This would certaily be a cause for celebration by many peak oil theorists such as Matt Simmons, since on the surface, the story is quite plausible.

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Last Friday, U.S. crude oil futures finished above $78, the highest level in a year, even though the U.S. continues to sit on ample supply of petroleum. Some analysts said a sudden upward spike was still unlikely, while others are predicting an immanent correction down below $70. However, if you take a closer look, it is evident that the current crude oil market is almost entirely detached from fundamentals. Furthermore, there are several factors supporting oil rising to new levels, as fundamentals are out the window in the near to medium term.

Daily Highlights: 6.29.09

  • Commodity rally may end as supply rises, speculators sell bets.
  • Dollar up against euro, yen after China central banker says exchange policy 'stable'.
  • House passes Cap-and-Trade pollution measure, first to curb US emissions.
  • International Energy Agency sees oil demand up 0.6 percent a year over '08-'14 period.
  • Japan auto production falls in May for 8th straight month of declines.