International Monetary Fund

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For the third time, gold soared past the $1,000 level, causing the market to eye the precious metal's record of $1,033.90 reached in March 2008. While Citigroup is predicting a $2,000 scenario by next year due to continuing dollar weakness, a number of bullish factors, both near and long term, have converged to boost gold.

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China projects to the world a similar image as Japan did in the 1980s. Yet we know how that (Japanese) story played out: a bust of a major banking/real estate bubble, a contracting economy for almost two decades, accompanied by deflation, ballooning debt, etc.

Fed Proposed To Become Next AIG

A new proposal by MIT professors seeks to involve the Fed directly in the wholesale selling of CDS. According to recent TIC data, perhaps the Fed is doing this already.