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Fired Up? Ready to Go?

A year after Lehman collapsed, what have they learned on Wall Street? Absolutely nothing. That's pretty much what I see on Wall Street and at the large "sophisticated" Canadian public pension funds. Behind the rhetoric, it's business as usual. Who needs risk management when the markets are on fire and you're looking to shoot the lights out?

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For the third time, gold soared past the $1,000 level, causing the market to eye the precious metal's record of $1,033.90 reached in March 2008. While Citigroup is predicting a $2,000 scenario by next year due to continuing dollar weakness, a number of bullish factors, both near and long term, have converged to boost gold.

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China projects to the world a similar image as Japan did in the 1980s. Yet we know how that (Japanese) story played out: a bust of a major banking/real estate bubble, a contracting economy for almost two decades, accompanied by deflation, ballooning debt, etc.

Fed Proposed To Become Next AIG

A new proposal by MIT professors seeks to involve the Fed directly in the wholesale selling of CDS. According to recent TIC data, perhaps the Fed is doing this already.