Irrational Exuberance

Bank Of America: "This Is A Clear Sign Of Irrational Exuberance"

With a record number of fund managers saying equities are overvalued even as cash levels keep falling, and more funds are allocated to stocks, while fund managers "risk taking" has never been higher, Bank of America unveils a troubling verdict: "this is a sign of "irrational exuberance".

Crypto Mania - Why "It Is Currently Rational To Be Irrational"

"It’s easy to believe cryptocurrencies have no inherent value. Or that governments will crush them. It’s also becoming fashionable to believe the opposite: that they will disrupt banks, governments, and Silicon Valley giants once and for all. Neither extreme is true. The reality is nuanced and important.."

Is This China's Minsky Moment?

"The global financial system is changing, and China is leading the way. Their moves will reverberate for years in the future. The Chinese authorities have just put up the warning flag, and you would be foolish to not believe it."

Peter Schiff Warns Of "Calm Before The Storm"

"Investors may be trying to convince themselves that the outcome will be different this time around. But the only thing that is likely to be different is the Fed's ability to limit the damage..."

The Cost Of Delusion - Asset Prices & Monetary Policy In An Irrational World

"The lesson for investors is that much of the picture presented today in prices for various assets classes is an illusion foisted upon us all by reckless central bankers. Yellen and her colleagues seem to think that they can spin straw into gold by manipulating markets and asset prices..."

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

"During the peaking process, the siren call to join the party is incredibly hard to resist. Waiting out the irrational exuberance leading up to a market top is painful. Profitable returns are everywhere. How can you turn down making such easy money? As Tom Petty sympathized: The waiting is the hardest part."