The U.S. Has Been At War For Over 220 In 241 Years

"Florida Senator Marco Rubio recently said that the world looks to the U.S. as an example of democracy. This myth is not believed outside of the United States’ borders, and decreasingly within. There is simply too much evidence to the contrary..."

Iran Arrests 4 Saudis On A Vessel Inside Its Territorial Waters

Three weeks after Saudi Arabia allegedly captured three members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps intent on conducting a terrorist attack on a Saudi offshore oil field, on Friday afternoon Iran returned the favor when it detained 4 Saudis who were reportedly on a vessel inside Iran's territorial waters.

14 Facts That Show America's System Of Public Education Deserves An 'F' Grade

"Considering how much we are putting into education, we should be producing the best students on the entire planet, but it just isn’t happening. Many refer to what is happening to our society as “the dumbing down of America”, and if we don’t get things fixed the United States is on course to become a second class nation."

The Twilight Of Unipolar American Power

"... the days of the United States dominating the world in an arrogant, absolutist, heavy-handed fashion and dictating to other nations what they can and cannot do are over and the United States must come to realise this and make the required if painful adjustment."

Paul Craig Roberts: "Once Only Blacks Were Enslaved, Now We All Are"

"Democracy does not exist in America. All the bombast you will hear on the 4th is designed to keep you locked in The Matrix... The talk about “taking back your government” is nonsense. The government doesn’t belong to you. You can’t take it back... Chris Hedges says that your only alternatives are to overthrow the criminal class in Washington or to accept your slavery."