Mapping World War In Syria & Iraq

For some time now Syria and Iraq have been a place where interests of many players are clashing. The region is being devastated by civil war or a war by proxy, fought by a number of participants, where the borderline between friend and foe is sharp or vague as the case may be...

Gold Will Soar... As China Kneecaps The Dollar

"The economic law that honest exchange demands only things of real value as currency cannot be repealed. The chaos that one day will ensue from our 35-year experiment with worldwide fiat money will require a return to money of real value. We will know that day is approaching when oil-producing countries demand gold, or its equivalent, for their oil rather than dollars..."

The Best Tax Incentive In The World

"...some of the best tax strategies in the world won’t change in the slightest... Bear in mind, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking legal steps to reduce the amount of tax that you owe. On the contrary, it’s just good sense."

Italian Bonds, Stocks Tumble On March Election Report

Italy's political parties have reached an agreement on when next year's election will be held, according to Italian media reports, with the news prompting a selloff across Italian assets. President Sergio Mattarella will dissolve parliament this month and set a March 4 election date.

All Of A Sudden, Fascists Are Everywhere In Italy

"Every Italian is therefore duly warned: if next elections bring defeat to the present never-elected center-left coalition and all their 'veterans', Fascism is assured to be back in Italy, just waiting outside the door."

Frontrunning: December 12

  • Parties Make Final Push Ahead of Dramatic Alabama Senate Race (WSJ)
  • Oil hits two-and-a-half year high on pipeline shutdown, stocks take breather (Reuters)
  • Alabama drama nears an explosive end (The Hill)
  • Moore, Jones Expose Rural-Urban Divide That Defines Alabama Race (BBG)
  • The Force Behind Bitcoin’s Meteoric Rise: Millions of Asian Investors (WSJ)