John McCain

Buchanan: "Why Trump Dumped The Do-Nothing Congress"

"If democracy, as Freedom House contends, is in global retreat, one reason may be that, in our new age, legislatures, split into hostile blocs checkmating one another, cannot act with the dispatch impatient peoples now demand of their rulers."

Why The War Party Loves To Call Foreign Leaders Insane

"The 'he's crazy!' claim acts as a magical talisman of warhawks who can denounce all caution and strategic concern that speaks against 'taking out' the bad guy who will bomb us any second...It's easy to see why John McCain is so fond of the tactic..."

Pat Buchanan Asks "Can The GOP's Shotgun Marriage Be Saved?"

What seems apparent is that the historic opportunity the party had in January, to forge a coalition of conservatives and populists who might find common ground on immigration, trade, border security, spending, culture and foreign policy, is slipping away.

Calling Mitch McConnell's Debt Ceiling Bluff

"In a game of poker, the wise thing for McConnell to do is fold his hand, pick up his chips, and walk away from the table. But his job is not a game, and the stakes are far too high to just get up and walk away. Thus, he's left with one option. He must bluff. He must convince stock market investors that the debt ceiling vote will be a piece of cake."

Schlichter: "Normal Americans Are Bored By The Fake Drama"

"The establishment’s tactic is to paint anyone they dislike as Nazis and any ideas its members oppose as hate speech...The media is running with it...Even after a week, CNN is still quivering and writhing in an earth-shattering Nazigasm."