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Qatar’s Slave Trade Death Toll

The Egyptians dispensed with the life of their slaves in the construction of the pyramids as if they were nothing but throw-away products before that had even been invented in the modern day and age in which we live.

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When Bubbles Fail: Albert Edwards Explains What Happens When The Fed Can No Longer Contain The Fury Of The "99%"

"They’re at it again! US inequality is surging and the Fed has created another house price boom. Does this matter? Well I think so. But who cares what I think. Warren Buffet, Bill Gross and Stanley Druckenmiller think it matters. Clients marvel at how the US profits’ share of GDP remains so high and that labour remains so weak. Marc Faber said recently that in postponing the QE taper, we have merely climbed to a higher diving board. I go further. I see growing inequality draining the swimming pool dry. The crunch, when it comes, will be ugly"...  Investors should make no mistake. The anger of the 99% will ultimately not be bought off by yet another central bank inspired housing bubble, engineered to pacify them and divert their attention as their real incomes fall and inequality continues to grow." - Albert Edwards

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Lew’s Illusions

US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has warned Congress today that the US will be signing its own version of Auld Lang Syne on October 17th 2013

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Wal-Mart: Unpatriotic or Lying Through Their Teeth?

Don’t you just love it when someone gets caught red-handed with cream squidging out of their mouth as they swipe that cream cake out of the fridge? Then they stand there and say ‘no, no, no, it wasn’t me at all’.

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Obamacare, Washington and Wall Street

When Obamacare was thought up it was more than just a presidential pledge to woo the poverty-stricken Americans into believing (and voting) that healthcare should be provided for all and sundry and that any Tom, Dick and Harry could get through life by being provided for by the state.

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EU PMI Up but Economy Still Fragile

The Germans will be getting out the beer and drinking a double dose of the amber nectar not only because MuttiMerkel as she is known (otherwise known as ‘Mother’ Angela Merkel) was reelected on Sunday 22nd September, but also because new reports issued today show that the Eurozone is doing better than expected.

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Stock Market Crashes Since 2006: Trading Bots

Since 2006, there have been a total of 18, 520 crashes, mini-crashes and flash-crashes or flash freezes (we have more names than we know what to do with) since that year. 

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Rajan's Indian Funeral Pyre

Raghuram Rajan has been in his job at the head of the Reserve Bank of India for just a few weeks now and already changes are being made as the 23rd President

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Poverty Crisis in the EU

There are very few people that actually give even one hoot and even fewer that could give two of them when it comes to poverty of people that are living in society alongside us.

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Money, Money and More Money…Dirty Li’l Richsters

There is one good thing about money, apart from the fact that there is a race to grab it and keep in in our claws making it highly in demand, and that’s the fact that wealth attracts wealth. Money is a dirty little magnate that can only attract more money and it’s not a question of opposites attracting here.

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Tale of Two Countries: the Two Koreas

There are dates that go down in history and some will be remembered as landmark signals of changing times. Russia has the upper hand in Syria.

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Afghanistan: Cannabis and Opium Business

Production of cannabis in Afghanistan has increased again according to estimates that have been published for 2012 and the business is now worth $65 million a year

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USA: Stagflation Here We Come!

Just when you think that the worst has come, been and gone, there will be more stuff hitting the fan in the very near future and that should serve as a lesson to the next head of the Federal Reserve that central banks don’t usually necessarily have the people in mind when they take things over and end up doing a pitiful job.

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Mega Putin Rich

If Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama can get through their tiff over Bachar al-Assad and stop pulling the covers to their own side of the geopolitical bed, then the Russian leader may just up sticks and move into the US where he will be able to spend his money rather than making out that he is a poverty-stricken in Moscow to the Russian people.

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