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ISIS Reveals Picture Of Suicide Bomber Who Killed A Dozen In Tuesday Attack On Tunisian Capital

"This (bus bombing) is an evolution in the behavior of the terrorists, this time they attacked a symbol of the state and in the heart of the capital."

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At Least A Dozen Killed In Tunisian Capital As ISIS Targets Presidential Guards

Five months (nearly to the day) after a gunman stormed the popular resort of Port El Kantaoui, north of Sousse in Tunisia killing 38 people including 30 British citizens with a Kalashnikov, multiple sources are reporting that an explosion in the capital has hit a bus carrying presidential guards.

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The Crackdown Begins: Europe Just Passed "Strict Controls To Make It Difficult To Acquire Firearms"

While await a full blown European version of the Patriot Act, we can say that the second part of the forecast just came true, because this morning The European Commission announced it had adopted a package of measures to strengthen control of firearms across the European Union and meant simply to make it "difficult to acquire firearms."

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"France Is At War": Hollande Unleashes 2nd Day Of ISIS Strikes, Mobilizes 115,000, Moves To Change Constitution

For the second straight day, France hit ISIS "targets" in Raqqa while domestic security personnel conducted more than 120 fresh raids across the country in a frantic effort to head off further attacks. Meanwhile, President Hollande is making a bid to change the constitution in what some are billing as a French "Patriot Act." 

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Paris Attacks Mastermind Named; French PM Knew "Operations Were Being Prepared" From Syria

As the third day after the Paris attacks dawns, and hours after France launched an unprecedented blitz airstrike on the Islamic State "capital" of Raqqa (located in the sovereign state of Syria), here are the latest developments following the worst European terrorist attack in the past decade.

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Russia Unveils "Terminator T-1" Inspired Killer Robots

Many had believed that Russia was years behind the envelope when it comes to putting advanced robotic technology on the battlefield. Until today, when a video showcased Russia's latest military equipment in Sevastopol, ranging from the "Bastion" air defense and anti-ship complexes missile system to sniper rifles and special ops naval guns, also showed none other than the Platform-M combat robot mingling among the population of this most important Crimean city.

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When Did We All Become Murderers?

Appalled doesn’t cover it. Disgusted won’t do either. Angry doesn’t come close. Maybe we have yet to learn of a word that would express our feelings on the following topic. There’s a disease, an epidemic, that spreads through out the western world. We are all turning into accomplices to murder. And we still believe we are better than that. Just perhaps not all of us.

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Nationalist Group Takes Responsibility For Murders In Ukraine

Politics in Ukraine continues to be characterized by the East/West divide that was so clearly visible in maps of Ukrainian elections and the distribution of the Ukrainian and Russian language (see “Mapping the Conflict in Ukraine” for details on this). While the new government wants to be seen as embodying Western values in contrast to the kleptocracies that previously governed the country, both its actions and omissions very often seem at odds with this aspiration, to say the least.

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"Isolated" Russia Agrees Free-Trade Zone & Military Cooperation With Egypt

It appears, while Washington continues to proclaim they have single-handedly 'isolated' Russia and crushed its economy, nations around the world continue to want to do business with Putin and his nation...


Judging by the images of welcome on the streets of Cairo, the people of Egypt are anything but looking to 'isolate' Russia... even after the US "bailed them out" and they still have US-taxpayer-backed guaranteed bonds.

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Hostages Taken In Paris Suburb Post Office, AFP Reports

Just a flashing headline for now from Bloomberg citing AFP:


Three people have been taken hostage by an unknown gunman at a post office in Colombes, a northwest suburb of Paris, French media reported. The gunman is armed with a Kalashnikov rifle, French RTL radio reports. He is holding from two to five people hostage, Le Figaro reports, citing police sources.

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