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    09/16/2014 - 21:37
    What if it had gone differently? What if, six years ago, in the throes of the financial crisis, the political leaders in D.C. had decided that enough was enough, and they were going to seize the...


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Nobel Prize Winner And Stimulus Bull Extraordinaire Krugman Shifts Into Asset (De)Allocation

Reading anything by Krugman these days is all about getting an understanding of why drowning in infinite debt within a decade to finance stimulus after stimulus is really a pretty swell thing. Well, today the Nobel-prize winner has decided to go on pro-stimulus hiatus and instead is focusing on providing asset allocation advice. According to Bloomberg, "Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman said he plans to sell some of his investments in Brazil, Latin America’s biggest economy, on concerns that asset prices are over-valued."

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Best Buy, Krugman and the Carry Trade

What could possibly connect Best Buy, Paul Krugman and the carry trade? The answer is is that everything is connected.

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