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    01/28/2015 - 19:33
    Suppose you could print up counterfeit dollars, euros or yen that were identical to the real things. Fun, you think? Here's how it plays out. 


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Ferguson, Roubini vs. Krugman: Slowdown or Depression for The U.S.?

Paul Krugman, obviously in total distress over the G20 deficit cut pact, sees a 3rd depression coming to America. Meanwhile, Dr. Doom--Nouriel Roubini--sees a slowdown rather than a double-dip recession in the U.S., and Harvard University professor Niall Ferguson agrees.

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Ridiculed By Americans Everywhere, Krugman Now Threatens, Gives Unsolicited Advice To Germany, Pisses Entire Nation Off

These days it's hard being a religious fanatic, also known as a Keynesian. It is even harder when you are Paul Krugman (sadly, the cornerstone of NYT's entire paywall strategy), and everyone in your own country is already sick and tired of, and openly ignores your constant appeals to drown the world in new and record amounts of debt, thus ignoring your appeals with impunity. So what do you do when nobody takes you seriously for thousands of miles around? Why you go even further - to the core of Europe in fact... where you proceed to threaten, badger, insult and give your unsolicited advice to anyone that listens. That "unlucky soul" in this case happens to be Germany daily Handeslbatt, which ran an interview with the "economist" in which Krugman stick not a foot, but an entire SS-20 nuclear warhead armed ICBM, in his mouth. And since Krugman is unaware, preaching the benefits of record deficit spending in Germany, ever since that little experiment in hyperinflation known as the Weimar Republic, tends to generate adverse reactions. Which is precisely what happened in this case. Luckily, now Krugman is a persona non grata in at least one country. Unfortunately, it is not the one in which his trite platitudes and melancholic remembrances of the golden days of Greenspan's credit bubble are still published on a daily basis.

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Paul Krugman and P. Diddy...Together in a Movie??

Yes, I'm talking about a cameo by the Nobel Prize winner, famed economist and New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman and Sean P. Diddty in an upcoming summer comedy with enough sex and drugs to kill a small commune--"Get Him To The Greek."

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Krugman: Break Up the Giant Banks to Stop Their Domination of the Political Process

I applaud and welcome Paul Krugman's clarification ...

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My (Surprise) Conversation With Paul Krugman

I ran this bit on The Daily Capitalist last year, same time, and got nothing but grief. What do you think?

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Paul "Smoot Hawley" Krugman

Paul Krugman now wants to start the economic equivalent of World War III. The man is dangerous.

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Stephen Roach Says It's Time To "Take Out The Baseball Bat On Paul Krugman"

The Chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia is about as direct as one can be in the following Bloomberg interview: "We should take out the baseball bat on Paul Krugman -- I
mean I think that [his] advice [to push China to revalue the Renminbi] is completely wrong.
” Well, somebody had to finally say it. So instead of pointing the scapegoating finger somewhere else, which seems to be the norm these days (cue G-Pap and his quadrillionth repetition that Greece is perfectly solvent and that unless somebody bails him out (ignore the lack of logic for a second), he will start playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun), Roach looks in the mirror: "America does not have a China problem. America has a savings problem. America has the biggest savings shortfall of any leading country in modern history, When you don't have savings you have to run current account deficits to import surplus savings from abroad and run massive trade deficits to attract the capital... Isn't it the height of hypocrisy that America can articulate a particular position in its currency but the Chinese are not allowed to do that." Also some not so kind words about Senator Schumer: "He always has a view no matter where the Renminbi is, that it is 27.5% undervalued."

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130 Congressmen Join Paul Krugman's Campaign To Rid The World Of Chinese CNY Manipulation Once And For All, Consequences Be Damned

By now everyone has undoubtedly been reading reams of primary and secondary opinions based on Krugman's discussion that it is time to play hardball with China on the FX "manipulation" issue. Retaliatory implications aside (and we are confident China will be full of these) it was ironic that one commentator on CNBC today pointed out that since the CNY is pegged to the USD, shouldn't America be looking at itself first when it comes to currency manipulation, before blaming others. In essence, China is merely taking advantage of the exploding US balance sheet, and adding on top of it its own fiat printing largesse, yet offset by its positive trading surplus. Certainly, Bernanke should have thought of that before it set off on the greatest experiment of failed Keynesianism ever. But now that China has served its purpose and was the economic rebound leader for the past year, it may no longer be as needed. No matter the logic though. The people have spoken and they want CNY blood (or the inverse as the case may be -what is that: lymph?). And not just the people. We have just received a copy of a letter signed by 130 Congressmen, and sent to Tim Geithner and Gary Locke, urging the Treasury to immediately address the "growing problems associated with China's continued currency manipulation" and in essence serving as a springboard to the latent protectionism brewing between China and the US, but never really escalating into all out trade war.

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Cleveland Fed Ridicules Krugman, Says Probability Of Recession Based On Yield Curve At Record Lows

The doctor recommended daily Fed reading/hilarity generating allowance presented for your late day pleasure.

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Krugman: American Economy Will Not Recover for a Long Time

Krugman agrees with El-Erian ...

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Krugman And The Magazine Cover Hypocrisy

Paul "We need a housing bubble" Krugman reaches new heights in objective, hypocrisy-free self-assessment. In his latest blog entry analyzes the destructive effects of the magazine cover effect. He should know...

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Nobel Prize Winner And Stimulus Bull Extraordinaire Krugman Shifts Into Asset (De)Allocation

Reading anything by Krugman these days is all about getting an understanding of why drowning in infinite debt within a decade to finance stimulus after stimulus is really a pretty swell thing. Well, today the Nobel-prize winner has decided to go on pro-stimulus hiatus and instead is focusing on providing asset allocation advice. According to Bloomberg, "Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman said he plans to sell some of his investments in Brazil, Latin America’s biggest economy, on concerns that asset prices are over-valued."

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Best Buy, Krugman and the Carry Trade

What could possibly connect Best Buy, Paul Krugman and the carry trade? The answer is is that everything is connected.

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