Deep Thoughts From Ian Cumming And Joe Steinberg

From Leucadia's 2009 Letter: "Out of prudence we take a pessimistic view as to when this recession will end. To think
otherwise would be a gamble that we are unwilling to make."

Capmark To File For Bankruptcy, More FDIC Headaches

It's game over for Capmark, which is expected to file for bankruptcy within 24 hours. The firm which was formerly GMAC's commercial real estate business (Or GMAC Commercial Holding Ccapital Markets Corp in short), and had originated over $10 billion in CRE loans (by the way, did we say that CRE REITs are undervalued? if you didn't buy at least 5 shares of some multi-apartment or hotel REIT yesterday with every share of Amazon you were covering you are a bubble uninflating traitor and have to be shot for not believing in a 100x P/E), was LBOed by KKR and Goldman in 2006. Needless to say, that particular investment won't be making the next Calpers pitch book.

Deep Thoughts From Leucadia

With Leucadia coming boldly from behind the shadows, where Ian Cumming and Joe Steinberg have always enjoyed operating, and joining Buffett in a deal over Capmark's loan-servicing and mortgage business, it makes sense to introduce readers with some of the very original thinking of the Leucadia founders (and very close friends of the mellifluously named Dick Handler). We present their most recent annual investor letter, which frequently is cited as among the best hedge fund (even though they don't like to be seen as one) strategy reading material.

Overallotment: April 15

  • Must read: NYSE chief cautions over low-volume March rally (FT, hat tip Jonah)

    "“The real money investors are still waiting. I think they’re waiting, they’re watching. They want to make sure that what we saw in March is real. And I think once they are convinced you will know it. The market will have a totally different tone to it.”