Lloyd Blankfein

Goldman Will Clear Bitcoin Futures

Despite all the risk/margin worries, and volatility fearmongering, and fraud allegations, Bloomberg reports that, according to a person familiar, Goldman Sachs plans to clear bitcoin futures contracts when they go live next week.

Frontrunning: November 16

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Goldman On Tax Reform: "Now Comes The Hard Part"

There are a number of ways that the effort could run off the rails. First, tax reform is much harder than tax cuts. Second, a few lawmakers have expressed some hesitation regarding the tax legislation itself. Third, there are good arguments against a large net tax cut at the moment, including a high debt-to-GDP ratio, growing fiscal imbalances projected over the coming decade, and an economy with little remaining slack.

How To Survive The Winter

"...this is a gigantic problem that won't magically go away... the Potemkin village of inflated stock and real estate prices cannot continue indefinitely."

Frontrunning: October 31

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