Market Crash

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The Great Reflation Is Ending...Stocks Will Crash Just As They Did in 2001 and 2008

In the last month, the ECB, US Fed and BoJ have all implemented new policies. ALL of their stock markets FELL afterwards. 

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Central Banks Are Rapidly Running Out of Options

What happens the next time global GDP takes a nosedive when Central Banks have already used up all of their ammunition?

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Watch the Lines! Bull Markets Close to Ending in Major Markets

Take note, these charts signal that the bull markets of the last six years are ending. The markets are primed for another Crash, just as they were in 2000 and 2007.

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Today Will Be A Watershed Moment For Financial Markets

We have reached the apogee of history’s greatest credit inflation. Now we’re hurtling into a prolonged worldwide deflation. You can already see this deflation in the plunge of oil, iron ore, copper and other commodity prices. We are in uncharted waters after nearly 20 years of madcap money printing by the Fed and other central banks. The world’s central banks are finally out of dry powder. They no longer have the means to inflate the global credit and financial bubble. That’s why today’s FOMC meeting is the most crucial inflection point since 1929.

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What Happens When Stocks Catch Up With Commodities?

We’ve already gotten a taste of what happens when asset classes finally “adjust” to underlying “demand” with the commodity markets: having operated based on Central Bank money printing for five years, they then wiped out ALL of those gains in six months.

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10 Investor Warning Signs For 2016

Wall Street’s proclivity to create serial equity bubbles off the back of cheap credit has once again set up the middle class for disaster. The warning signs of this next correction have now clearly manifested, but are being skillfully obfuscated and trivialized by financial institutions. Nevertheless, here are ten salient warning signs that astute investors should heed as we roll into 2016.

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2015 creating many analogies with the period running up to 2008 crisis

Despite the low interest rate regime, there are a number of similarities between now and the period running up to the 2008 crisis……

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The Fuse on the Global Debt Bomb Has Been Lit

The $100 trillion global bond bubble has begun bursting.

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Marine Le Pen Will Reap What The EU Has Sown

Many people are cheering now that yesterday Marine Le Pen and her Front National (FN) party didn’t get to take over government in any regions in the France regional elections. They should think again. FN did get a lot more votes than the last time around, and, though she will be a little disappointed after last weekend’s results, it’s exactly as Le Pen herself said: “Nothing can stop us”.

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Fed, ECB “Monetary Insanity” Is “Frightening” - Gold Rigged … For Now

- Watch video - “Monetary insanity” of ECB and Fed is “frightening”
- “Absolutely nothing has been learned” since financial crisis
- “Financial hypocrisy on a grand scale”
- Ireland was vassal of Bank of England and now ECB
- Ireland needs to get “financial and monetary independence”
- Huge demand for gold and yet prices manipulated lower
- Real unemployment is U.S. probably 15-20%
- Dollar may rally in short term but vulnerable in long term
- Russia, China may monetise gold as geopolitical weapon
- Gold and silver are “hedges for you in local currency terms”

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Physical Silver Investment Demand Great Deal Higher Than Official Estimates

For those precious metal investors who think “All Official Data” is manipulated…. it isn’t.

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The Coming Economic Collapse Will Crash Stocks

The media can try to hide reality all it wants. But an economic collapse is here. It will trigger another stock market crash just as it did in the early ’90s, the Tech Bubble, and the Housing Bubble. 

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Wake Up World, Draghi's Bazooka is Full of Blanks

Wake up world, the EU hasn’t experienced 2% inflation since BEFORE the Crisis erupted in earnest in 2012. Three NIRP cuts and over €1 trillion in QE later, the EU is on the verge of deflation again.

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Is the Fed About to Light the Fuse on a $9 Trillion Debt Bomb?

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) and European Central Bank (ECB) have created a very dangerous situation. And it is one that few if any investors are assessing.

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Dozens Of Global Stock Markets Are Already Crashing: "Not Seen Numbers Like These Since 2008"

The system is beyond the point where it is merely showing stresses and fractures. Things are now falling apart and there may well be no way of putting them back together again. The media will continue to claim everything is fine, until the day of panic and reckoning when it will suddenly be the "next Greece" or "2008 all over again"... but worse.

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