Stockman: Why The Deep State Is At War With Trump

"To wit, the Deep State has turned its own crimes during and after the 2016 election into nothing less than a coup d'etat against American democracy... Sally Yates, James Comey, and John Brennan are the real criminals here..."

Frontrunning: December 4

  • Stock futures jump after Senate approves tax bill (Reuters)
  • Tax Bill Marked by Blinding Speed (WSJ)
  • Corporate Winners and Losers in the GOP Tax Bill (BBG)
  • Flynn’s Guilty Plea Sparks Clashing Interpretations (WSJ)
  • Irish border deal reported settled as May meets Juncker (Reuters)

The Approaching Silicon Valley Meltdown

"'The Valley' (and its entire ancillary complex aka 'the disruptor class') is on the verge of receiving a wake up call, the likes of which may make the dot-com era look relatively 'stable' in hindsight..."

Weekend Reading: You Have Been Warned

"Investors aren’t paying attention... There is an important picture that is currently developing which, if it continues, will impact earnings and ultimately the stock market..."

Why Australia's Economy Is A House Of Cards

"For over a quarter of a century our economy mostly grew because of dumb luck... As a whole, the Australian economy has grown through a property bubble inflating on top of a mining bubble, built on top of a commodities bubble, driven by a China bubble....Unfortunately for Australia, that “lucky” free ride is just about to end..."

Jim Chanos Adds To Tesla Short, Sees Musk Stepping Down

“Put it this way. If you wouldn’t be short a multi-billion-dollar loss-making enterprise in a cyclical business, with a leveraged balance sheet, questionable accounting, every executive leaving, run by a CEO with a questionable relationship with the truth, what would you be short? It sort of ticks all the boxes.”

Bank Of America: This Is What $700 Quintillion Could Buy You Today

The minerals of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter could be worth US$700 quintillion:  US$100bn for each of the 7 billion people on Earth at spot prices. John S. Lewis, author of "Mining the Sky", argues that an asteroid with a diameter of 1km could have a value of more than US$150 billion.

Global Stock Meltup Sends Nikkei To 25 Year High

The global risk levitation continues, sending Asian stocks just shy of records, to the highest since November 2007 and Japan's Nikkei topped 22,750 - a level last seen in 1992 - while European shares and US equity futures were mixed, and the dollar rose across the board, gains accelerating through the European session with the EURUSD sumping below 1.16,

Krieger Rants "Washington D.C. Is Swarming With Unaccountable Parasites"

"We all know it and, even worse, it’s probably a hundred times more grotesque than we can imagine. A distressingly high number of people attracted to this swamp don’t go there to do good public work or help the American people. They go in order to enrich themselves at our expense."

When Will The Tesla Stock-Promote Finally Fail

"When people realize that it’s a cash incinerating vanity project for Elon Musk, at a time when new, better products are coming to the market... That point is coming soon. Very soon..."