Maxine Waters

Outrage Ensues As Rambling Maxine Waters Has Her Mic Cut By Democratic Party

African American Caucus leaders are outraged today and wondering whether racism played a role in the attempted silencing of Maxine Waters as he microphone was cut at speech before the California Democratic Party African American Caucus.  But, after a series of seemingly nonsensical interviews over the past several months, like the time she blasted Putin for "continuing to advance into Korea", most people are wondering why anyone still cares what Maxine Waters has to say in the first place?

John Podesta Unloads On "Absolutely Crazy, Unfit" Trump

John Podesta, Hillary's former campaign manager and the target of one of the most devastating/embarrassing political email leaks of all time, sat down with Politico for a one-hour interview which served primarily to confirm that he's still a sore loser who has simply not come to terms with the fact that he backed a flawed candidate in 2016.

Sessions Attacks Obama "Legacy": Rolls Back Relaxed Sentencing Guidelines For Drug Dealers

After 8 years of the Obama administration relaxing sentencing guidelines for drug dealers, you know because it's just racist to jail drug dealers moving cocaine by the kilo, and releasing hundreds of hardened criminals from federal prisons around the country, Jeff Sessions has taken it upon himself to undo yet another component of Obama's "legacy."

Maxine Waters Does It Again...

NBC's Peter Alexander: "I am confused"

Maxine Waters: "No, you're not confused... I don't support Trump firing Comey, but I would support Hillary Clinton firing Comey"