Mean Reversion

The Mean-Reverting History Of Profit Growth

As the markets push once again into record territory the question of valuations becomes ever more important.  While valuations are a poor timing tool in the short term for investors, in the long run, valuation levels have everything to do with future returns.

This Is The "Dilemma From Hell Facing CBs"

The dilemma from hell facing CBs: If they remove liquidity and try to raise cost of capital, neither demand for nor supply of capital would be able to endure flattening yield curves. On the other hand, the longer CBs persist with current policies, the more disinflationary pressures are likely to strengthen.

Is Capitalism Dead Or Merely Dying?

"If the remaining wealth is not divided better than it is today, those who have gathered most of it will also find themselves in non-functioning societies and communities..."

Bill Blain: Is Today The Day?

"I came to the conclusion Oct 12th is as good as any other day for a market correction – and its almost 30-years since the October Hurricane and the Black Monday Crash of 1987 (which I remember well), so why not October 12th."