Congress Takes The First Step To Pass Tax Reform: Here's What Comes Next

With Congressional passage of the 2018 Budget Resolution, things only get more complicated from here. For a a sense of the complexities that lie ahead, here is Goldman laying out the next steps and assessing the prospects for the passage of both tax reform and fiscal policy.

What If The Tax Donkeys Rebel?

I would hazard a guess that an increasing number of tax donkeys are considering dropping out as a means of increasing their happiness and satisfaction with life. When the often overworked tax donkeys start bailing out, there may be no substitute source of taxes.

Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" Is 'Good For None'

The good news in Sanders' “Medicare for All” plan is that it has no chance of passing. The bad news: It now partially fills the vacuum created by a collapsing Obamacare and the absence of market-based reform alternatives. As a healthcare option now or in the future, “Medicare for All” would be good for none.

Here Is The Trump Tax Plan

In a political era where every little thing is leaked to the media, we no longer have to wait for presidential speeches to learn the details of key pieces of legislation.  As such, here is a 9-page summary of Trump's tax plan courtesy of the latest leaks.

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