Milton Friedman CEO Exploring Sale To Fund Blockchain-Backed Global Property Venture

The combination of Patrick Byrne and Hernando de Soto Polar could be a powerful force for good, exploiting blockchain technology in a positive way for free market capitalism. However, they will undoubdedly have to contend with central planners who and central bankers who will attempt to hijack the technology for collectivist purposes.

How Uncle Sam Inflates Away Your Life

"Remember, your life-savings is just that.  It represents your life... So, when Uncle Sam confiscates your life-savings via the inflation tax something more is happening...  Not only are you being robbed of your money, you’re being robbed of your life.  Your life’s simply inflated away.  Poof!"

Can Gradual Interest-Rate Tightening Prevent A Bust?

"Regardless of policy transparency once a tighter monetary stance is introduced, it sets in motion an economic bust. The severity of the bust is conditioned by the length and magnitude of the previous loose monetary stance and the state of the pool of real savings."

What Makes A Good Economic Model?

"Contrary to the popular way of thinking the criteria for selecting a model is not how well it worked in the past - i.e. passed the criteria of back testing and a life test - but whether it is theoretically sound."

Milton Friedman & Conservatives Are Wrong In Education

"There is only one solution to the educational morass in which Americans find themselves: Separate school and state, just as our ancestors separated church and state. Repeal all school compulsory-attendance laws and school taxes and sell off the school buildings. End all government involvement in education, including licensing of schools. Establish a total free-market educational system."