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How Socialism Ruined Venezuela

"As Venezuelans, our poor understanding of the importance of freedom and free markets has created our current disaster... when we enjoyed high levels of economic freedom, we allowed the destruction of political and civil rights, and when we finally established a democracy, we allowed the destruction of economic freedom."

America: The Dictatress Of The World

"No one can seriously deny that Adams has been proven correct - that America - or, more correctly, the US government - has become the dictatress of the world..."

Why Small States Are Better

"...in small states the government is closer to its citizens and by that better observable and controllable by the populace..."

Is Population Decline Catastrophic?

In the 1970’s we heard the earth was going to get so crowded we’d be falling off. Now the panickers have flipped to population decline. They were wrong in the 70’s, so are they wrong again? Is a declining population catastrophic?

After Vegas Shooting, It's Time To Take Private Security Seriously

"The knee-jerk appeal to national policy such as nationwide gun control, however, highlights what happens when the private sector blithely relies on a disinterested government to provide security instead... Nor is there any reason to simply sit back and assume that gun control will protect us. Experience in high-gun-control zones like Latin America, Russia, and Europe suggests otherwise."


Hard Assets In An Age Of Negative Interest Rates

"Hard assets are forever, even when destroyed by the cataclysms of history... More than ever the focus on hard assets is a dire call to arms given the deformed market culture of central banking monetary magic. "

Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" Is 'Good For None'

The good news in Sanders' “Medicare for All” plan is that it has no chance of passing. The bad news: It now partially fills the vacuum created by a collapsing Obamacare and the absence of market-based reform alternatives. As a healthcare option now or in the future, “Medicare for All” would be good for none.

"The Fed Is Afraid..."

"...the Fed knows the economy is extremely fragile. This latest admission from Yellen serves to - yet again - manage expectations and tell us to not expect much of anything from the Fed in terms of normalization..."

3 Ways To Help Puerto Rico Right Now

"..it is generally far more difficult for low-income areas to weather storms, than it is for high income areas. The amount of capital at hand for repair and recovery is less in poor areas, as is the wealth available for constructing high-quality infrastructure... So we must explore ways that Puerto Rico could be helped right now in gaining greater access to badly needed goods and services. "

McMaken: Stop Wrapping The Flag Around Pro Sports

"Prior to 2009, football players weren't on the field for the national anthem, remaining in the locker room...And why did players start making a display of their 'patriotism' in 2009? It turns out the government gave them taxpayer money to do so..."

Doesn't Mexico Have Building Codes?

"City councils can pass building code laws all day long, but as long as residents lack the incomes necessary to afford housing, offices, and factory space that's built to withstand earthquakes, there will always be an especially large incentive to cut corners on construction. Innocent people will suffer as a result."