Monetary Policy

Previewing Today's Fed Policy Decision

While normally Wednesday's Fed meeting would be the week's biggest market-moving event, this time - smack in the middle of the busiest earnings week of the year - it may not even make the top three...

The Scariest Charts In The World

"...any horror movie fan will tell you that the scariest part of a horror film happens when things are relatively calm..."

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The UK economy is facing an unprecedented slow recovery, with growing levels of debt across the country and an ever-complicated divorce from the EU. The outlook for savers and investors is bleak as few have confidence left in the health of British finances. 

Key Events In The Coming Very Busy Week

With a full slate of central bank meetings, data (including payrolls Friday) and earnings next week there’s a little bit for everyone. On Thursday, according to Politico, we will also know who the next Fed Chair is as well as get a first look at a version of the House tax bill in the US, perhaps on Wednesday.

Trump To Make Fed Chair Announcement On Thursday: Politico

According to Politico, "look for an announcement on Thursday, though plans are not totally set yet." While Jerome Powell is still the most likely pick, Trump could surprise, and Politico adds that if Trump changes his mind, "Kevin Warsh is more likely than John Taylor."

White House Braces For First Arrest In Mueller Probe

After more than 14 months, the first arrest(s) in the FBI’s long-running probe into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia – launched in July 2016 by then-FBI Director James Comey before being handed off to Special Counsel Robert Mueller in May – could happen as early as this morning.

Trump Will Own The Next Fed But "All Their Models Are In Ruins"

"Trump will own the Fed... meaning, whatever the president wants monetary policy to be, he’ll get. In other words, Donald Trump will be able to shape the Fed’s majority. But the tricky part is figuring out how he plans to shape it..."