Will Whole Foods Be Amazon's Waterloo?

"What advantages does Amazon bring to the WF concept model? Pricing? Management? Logistics? I would argue they aren’t relevant. And actually, the mindset of current senior management at both companies are in for a culture shock that will surely be epic...I’ve seen it happen, and I know how they turn out. All I’ll say is this: not good."

Bill Blain: "It's A FUBAR Moment Of Monumental Proportions"

This morning we have a "best of times, worst of times" tale of two countries: In one, a young exciting new leader is riding the electoral wave and looks set to gain a massive government majority at next week's second vote.  In the second a tired and discredited political greasy-pole climber has tumbled off the wave and is drowning not waving.

The Real Reason To Own Bitcoin

"Cryptocurrency is today’s printing press – a truly game-changing technology that the ruling elite sees as a threat to their control...The only reason banks enjoy such immense power is because they control the money... Cryptocurrency disrupts this absurd middleman monopoly."

Le Pen, Macron Progress To Second Round As Establishment Parties Crash

With more numbers coming from the French Interior Ministry, as of 11:31 p.m. local time Macron's lead is growing to 23.61% as more city votes are counted, vs Le Pen 22.20%, with 41 Million votes counted, or 85.4% of the total. The gap is likely to expand as the final votes are tallied.

Ben Hunt's Mailbag - Life In Trumpland

"I wrote this note because I am so effin’ tired of being called a racist or a sexist because I don’t think that Donald Trump is evil incarnate... I think Trump is a narcissist and an ass, not a Fascist. Like most people in the financial services world, I deal with narcissists and asses every day … they’re not Hitler clones because the only thing they’re really true-believers about is their own self-aggrandizement."

It Won't Be Like The Jetsons

People have this idea that the “self driving” future will be fast and free. A techno-Libertopia of high-speed and high-efficiency. Cars zipping along at triple digit speeds in tight formation, travel times cut down to a fraction of what they are now. In fact it will be the opposite. It will be Least Common Denominator...

The Gaslighting Of The American Public Continues...

"...but then even if Trump is crazy and incompetent, what’s so great about a Deep State security matrix that refuses to be subordinate to anybody, that can do whatever it wants to whomever it wants?"

The Norwegian Economy In 2017: Black Swans Hovering Overhead

Norwegians are just now starting to grapple with the effects of their “single cylinder” economy, mostly dependent on oil and gas (ca. 60% of exports). Despite optimism about $50-$70/barrel oil, American crude output is surging, on track to be the highest ever, since 1970, while cracks start to form in OPEC’s latest agreement. In addition to the oil tailspin, a flock of “black swans” have taken flight, led by one with a very orange beak.